Tighten Up Without Working Out at Ildi Pekar Spa

A few weeks ago I was having lunch with a publicist friend of mine, Marie Laure, who only takes on clients that she really believes in (which is rare in this industry) so when she asked me to meet with esthitician, Ildi Pekar and visit her discreet location in Midtown, I jumped at the chance.  If ML vibed well with her, I knew I would too and couldn't wait to learn more about what she was going to do with my skin.  She works on rockstars! Before I take you through my meeting let me just say that my face is tight!  I can't even pinch my cheeks anymore and I had sagging hamster cheeks (genetics).

Ildi's from Hungary and has been an estitician for the past 15 years, with her NYC space for the past five.  I went up to the 25th floor of an office building and had to walk to the 26th to get to her spa.  Greeted by a receptionist, I filled out forms and noticed there was only one room and Ildi.  It's not your typical spa, it's a place of privacy, relaxation and efficacy.  Exactly what rockstars, men and even I look for from time to time.

After chatting for a bit, I decide to try the Trio-Lift on my face, which is an electronic hand held device that heats up your skin (on your face to 102 degrees F.) and liquidizes your fat by sending micro-currents throughout your muscles.  The fat then goes through your lymphnatic system and you naturally get rid of it (after drinking about two liters of water within eight hours).

"Since our own bodies have electricity, it's natural and holistic," remarks Ildi.  Natural or not, I'm all about it.  It's non-invasive, relaxing and worked.  The results should last about a month and being that it's NY Fashion Week and I have several TV segments this month, it was good timing!  The treatment works on the body as well and I wouldn't mind having it done on my inner thighs before a vacation!  Warning though: If you go to Ildi once, you'll be hooked.

Ildi Pekar Spa, 315 Madison Ave. Suite 2600 New York, NY Suite 10017