When Are You Getting Engaged? The Unavoidable Question and Answers to True Love

The topic of engagement has been on my mind alot lately!  Yes, I mean a lot.  Poor Joe.  Not that I'm going nuts that I want to be engaged right now, but it seems that all of a sudden all of my friends are talking about wanting to be engaged, getting engaged or asking me, "When do you think you'll get engaged?" Me?  I'm just a girl head over heels in love, enjoying the moment.  And yes, one day. He's it.  I will admit that I've looked a pics of rings on Tiffanys.com and yes, I might have their ring finder app too.  Hey, a girl can play!

Recently I was introduced to a new site to play around on by Tiffanys & Co. called WhatMakesLoveTrue.  If you're anything like me, in love or dream of being there some day, you'll gush over it.  Ed Burns created an amazing video story of NY couples and their love that's featured on the site, there's also a list of places in NYC that are perfect for lovers to canoodle and Tiffany Tips for long lasting love.

My fave:

Be True To Yourself.

In the heady rush of true love, it’s easy

to compromise your real opinions in the name of romantic tranquility.

This is a mistake. Be yourself. In the end it’s better.

“Thanks ever so, darling, but I don’t much care for calf brains.”