The Truth About My First Few Weeks Wearing Invisalign

I have to say I'm completely amazed by my Invisalign treatment so far.  Of course I knew that by following the rules and wearing my aligners 22 hours a day (yes, I've been wearing them all the time!) my teeth would move, but now that I'm in treatment and actually doing it, I'm amazed.  Many of you have been writing in asking how it's been going so far and here's the real deal. I'm on my third aligner and wearing them has become second nature.  Every two weeks I switch aligners as they keep getting a bit tighter and shifting my teeth in different ways.  But I'm not going to lie, the first week was a bit rough.  Even though it took Joe (my live in bf) a full 24 hours to notice I was even wearing them, my gums felt tense, and since I wasn't used to wearing them, my speech was a bit off for a day or two.  I had to practice saying words with "S's" in them and would discretely go to the bathroom before meals to take them out, because I was a bit embarrassed.

After the first few days my attitude about wearing the aligners and experience completely changed.  I was speaking clearly again and forgot I even had them in.  I even wore them for my most recent on air gig!  I'm confident when I speak and even slide them out at dinner tables politely behind a napkin like it's no big deal.  My teeth have definitely already shifted.  The first thing I noticed was my bite.  It's different!  I'll keep you updated on progress, but if you continue to have questions, please don't hesitate to ask along the way!

*I am a spokesperson for Invisalign (sponsored) and I have received complimentary treatment, but all of my thoughts and actions are my own.