The Threading Truth

The ancient practice of eyebrow threading has evolved into a regimen coveted by beauty buffs everywhere, including the Hollywood elite.  The practice, which uses a thin piece of twisted cotton thread to remove hair from the root, was originally developed in India and has long been prevalent all over the Middle East, where excess hair removal is nothing short of an art form.  Within the last couple of decades, the phenomenon has spread to the Western world as an alternative to the ever-dreaded eyebrow wax.   So, how does threading compare to waxing?

  • Generally cheaper than waxing, at about $5 to $20 per session, depending on the salon.
  • Lasts the same amount of time as waxing, about two weeks to a month, based on individual hair growth patterns.
  • Threading yields much more precise results as it only removes a single row of hair at a time, as opposed to larger areas.
  • Pain factor?  Not comfortable, but definitely tolerable.  Similar to waxing, sans the hot wax.  Also less likely to irritate your skin, especially for those with a sensitive complexion.

Threading can also be used to take care of other unwanted facial hair, including furry hairlines, sideburns, chins, cheeks, ears, noses, necks, and upper lips.

As the unfortunate victim of genetically bushy brows, I have been having my eyebrows threaded since the age of twelve and I am extremely satisfied with the results.  Aside from a bit of redness immediately after the process, irritation is minimal and results are top-notch.