My Style Network Shoot

Last year I ventured out to LA to meet with talent scouts for The Style Network and E! channel right when I decided to quit my job and go freelance.  Go big or go home right? Well, right away I landed myself a gig doing a segment on the Emmy red carpet for the E! channel but that was it for a while – or so I thought. Until just last night at about 4pm I received a call from The Style Network.  They quickly interviewed me asking what I carried my laptop around in (my answer: a Louis Vuitton), if I have a pair of black patent pumps (what girl doesn't, mine: Louboutins) and if I can wear my hair straight in a high pony tail (my answer: no, I won't).  I thought I might lose the gig because I wouldn't budge on putting my hair up, but after all if I'm going on camera, I have to feel like myself and trust me, I don't look pretty in a high pony.  They wanted me anyway and compromised letting me wear my hair down... Thank God!

We shot today with some other industry professionals from celeb stylists to designers outside in the freezing cold of Times Square.  So what we're we shooting? A special for Lucky magazine's 10th anniversary on beauty and style trends of the decade.  It airs on The Style Network in December so keep your eyes out.