The Secret Behind Kate Middleton's Lust-Worthy Hair

America's obsession with Kate Middleton may have begun with the fantasy of the Royal Wedding, but thanks to the celebrity status we've given her it's here to stay.  I agree, the princess is quite a fashion icon and I admire her grace and poise, but something I've always envied are her shiny, volumnious locks.  Her hair is gorgeous and despite rumors of extensions, it's all real and I know her secret. Kate's Secrets:

1. Velcro Rollers

Her long time hair dresser, Richard Ward, uses the least amount of heat styling possible when giving her blow outs.  That's right – no curling irons needed. Instead, after blowing out her hair, he uses Velcro rollers to add major volume and oomph.  (Note: He does sometimes use a curling iron on the ends for big events, but most of the time her trick is the Velcro rollers.)

2. Rich Color

Ward also keeps Kate's color super rich.  The richer the color, the more shine it will give off.  When color begins to loose it's luster, instead of coloring again, opt for a color glaze instead. This will up your shine factor and deepen your color for longer without the use of harsh chemicals.  With less color treatments, your hair will be healthier.

"How Kate wears her hair typifies how you should be wearing your hair today," Ward told E!.  "It's a very natural look and gleams with health."

Having healthy hair is the foundation to great hair.  I'd say 99% of Hollywood has extensions, so it's great to see someone with covetable locks that doesn't!