The Product that Transformed My Skin: Dr. Dennis Gross' Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel

When I rave about a beauty product I really love it.  Everyday I get sent about twelve bags of beauty loot and about 100 emails from beauty PR firms introducing me to new products that are hitting the market so I can test them out and keep them in mind for upcoming blog posts and freelance work.  Well, when I find something that wow's me, I let you know right away. Hence, this blog post on Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel that has changed my skin care regimen for life. Last month I attended an event at Dr. Dennis Gross' office and was introduced to a few new products.  Since then, I've been using his Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel Pads every day after I cleanse each morning and swear to you that I constantly look like I just got a facial.  Now that's a strong testimonial.

It's a two-step alpha hydroxy acid treatment that works as an at-home facial peel to help exfoliate your skin and improves texture and overall appearance over time.  Now it's been just over a month that I've incorporated the towelettes into my morning skincare routine and I've noticed any winter dullness is gone, smaller pores and overall a brighter, more refreshed complexion.  I did not get any irritation or redness from this daily peel, but if you think you may, I'd recommend using it every other day or trying his original Alpha Beta Peel first.

After cleansing, you simply rub one towelette across your face in a circular motion (for exfoliating purposes) until it's dry.  I normally do it about three times.  Then, wait two minutes and do the same with the second towelette to neutralize the ingredients in the first.  Once finished, apply your serums and moisturizers as you normally do and watch what happens.