The Perfect Nude Nail Polish

As of late I've been obsessed with having perfectly manicured, clean looking nails.  Not that my nails weren't clean before, but I normally painted them dark colors, which looked dirty as soon as they chipped (which for me only took about two days).  Now I'm all about the perfect neutral. My perfect neutral still hasn't been found and it's driving me insane!  I've been layering different shades like a classic blush, Essie in Mademoiselle with a beige like Iced Chai Latte and have done a ton of other combos.  Depending on how tan I am, I mix and match each week.

Cutting edge nail polish brand, RGB, came to the rescque and took all of the guess work out of finding the perfect nude.  They partnered with manicurist, Jenna Hipp, to created the Hipp X RGB collection, a perfect nude for four different skin tones.  Her inspiration was her celebrity clientele – Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Hudson, Kerry Washington and Rachel McAdams.  Check out the collection online.