The Good, Bad and Everything in Between: The Men of the Emmys

While everyone including myself has been so focused on the red gown trend and best (and worst) hair and makeup of the Emmys, I've been looking at some of the footage that continues to flood in and can no longer ignore the men who always seem to take the back seat (for obvious reasons). So here are some of my favorite TV personalities and actors who were at the Emmys on Sunday and some commentary on their looks (it's not all that great, but I had to be honest!). Joel McHale

While he's one of my favorite people on Earth (I can't get enough of The Soup), I wasn't a huge fan of his white Michael Bastian jacket choice.  He may think that he can get away with anything – he is Joel McHale – but I don't even think he could pull this off.  Sometimes I think people forget where they're going.  His nicely groomed facial hair on the other hand, that was working for me.

Mario Lopez

Even though he wasn't walking the red carpet as an Emmy nominee, he was in the spotlight hosting for Extra and I thought he was appropriately dressed for the occasion and liked how he paired a navy John Varvatos tux with a black tie. Classy.  Of course Mr. Personality added a touch of flair, Silhouette Sunglasses.

Ian Somerhadler

One word: Sexy!  I'm sure whatever he wore would have worked with that mischevious smile and begging to be touched hair.  The Vampire Diaries star wore and Emporio Armani suit and was my favorite look of the night.

John Krasinski

I have a horrible crush on his character from The Office, so I have to add him to my "Men of the Emmys" round up.  Always caught in Prada offset, I think he appropriately formal (hair gelled and all).  Emily Blunt was definitely his best accessory!