The Man Manipulation

It's funny how when you "fall in love" the man of your dreams can have a sense of control over your mind making the powerful woman you once were into a complete stranger to yourself.

I recently read an article in the New York Post about Mr. Ballerina, Mario Lopez and his obsession with fitness.  He admitted to being so into of his own physical condition that he morphed his girlfriend, Courtney Mazza, into what he condsidered to be perfect as well.  Now, Courtney has breast implants and works with a personal trainer everyday.

Talk about mind and body manipulation!  The sad part is that it's not just a fitness addicted want-to-be star like Mario Lopez who has the ability to do this to a woman.  It's all men and it's happening to lots of women.  One of my friends ex boyfriends told her he never wanted her in flats, and she listened, for a minute. Until she made him her ex.  Who do these men think they are?  Another was told she was the heaviest girl he ever dated (weighing in at 110 lbs.).  Two months later, she was 92 lbs.

Ladies, be aware or the man manipulation.  What do you think of Mario Lopez morphing his girlfriend?