The Jersey Shore Blow Out

Confession: Believe it or not, I, yes the founder of BeautySweetSpot herself, used to date guys with blowouts. The stereotypical Jersey Shore type was somewhat my type back in the day... well, not quite Jersey Shore, but I can thank the guidos of Staten Island and Brooklyn for this.

Thanks to The Daily News now men everywhere who inspire to perfect the coif can do just that.  They highlighted a step by step guide on how to get Pauly D.'s blowout from MTV's The Jersey Shore.  He credits his perfectly sculpted do to Joico's Ice Spiker and Got2b Glued Spiking Freeze Spray .  From my experience, having tons of guido and want-to-be guido friends, you can also get the look with AXE Whatever and Hair So Shine (made for African American hair).

It's remarkable to me that Pauly D. is from Rhode Island and not the Jersey Shore and can't even get the fist pump right, making him a want-to-be guido, which makes me sick and so does the show.  I've grown up loving the Jersey Shore life of Belmar and Pt. Pleasant, and yes, even the guidos that come with it, but this show is repulsive.  

What are your thoughts of MTV's Jersey Shore?  Check Pauly D.'s video below.