The Hottest Hair Color Hues for Fall

September is here!  Well, almost, but September Vogue is out, which basically means you better be ready for Fall.  Did you think about your hair color yet?  Writing this post reminded me to schedule my appointment!  To find out what's in, I spoke with the Head Colorist at Salon AKS in NYC, Kathleen Flynn-Hui.  Whether your a brunette, blonde or red head, I've got you covered. "This season, it's all about being multi-toned," remarks Kathleen Flynn-Hui, the Head Colorist for Salon AKS.  "Hair inspiration for color is really drawn from the foliage." When going to your colorist, take inspiration from the leaves and think ambers and gold.  In general, your new fall hair color should be richer and warmer than than the lavenders and brights you had for summer.

Blondes: Stay away from the "letting your roots" grow.  The look this year is more couture and polished.  Your hair doesn't have to look natural, just blended. Tone on tone is the trend for Fall, blondes should be golden, coper or wheat.

Brunettes: After summer your hair tends to look brassy and washed out.  You want your hair to look rich and shiny.   Your hair shouldn't look ashy, but dimensional. Try subtle highlights.

Reds: You have the best color, and Fall is really your season.  Try ambers and rich reds. Again, draw the most inspiration from the leaves turning.