The Dry Bar (Heaven on Earth) Opens in NYC

Ladies, if you haven't heard about this yet, pay attention!  Just a few weeks ago The Dry Bar launched in NYC, an LA-based salon that offers only blow outs. Swear, you won't find a pair of scissors or dollop of hair dye in the whole place. Why? Because as I've said before (see post) – in New York, it's all about the blowout.  Only these are different, they're based off of a cocktail inspired menu and dare I say... affordable. Last night I went to an event at The Dry Bar sponsored by Dove and DailyCandy and came out with a head turning blowout.  The menu featured the following blowouts to choose from: The Straight Up (straight with a little body), The Manhattan (sleek and smooth), The Cosmo (lots of loose curls), The Mai Tai (messy, beachy look), The Cosmo-tai ('lil cosmo, 'lil mai-tai), The Southern Comfort (big hair and volume) and The Hot Toddy (short and sweet).

I chose the Cosmo-tai, but explained to my stylist that I'll be happy with any sort of voluminous blow out because in all reality, I have pin-straight, fine hair and I doubted she could pull it off.  With a medium sized round brush and the help of a 1" curling iron mission impossible was accomplished.

Now are you ready for this?  Blow outs are $40!  They even offer packages they call "Bartabs" for those of us (um me!) who tend to get blowouts frequently.

The Dry Bar is located at 4 West 16th Street, NYC.