The Dish Behind Nicole Richie's Golden Globes Eye Makeup Straight from Her Makeup Artist

Nicole Richie was the first to step out on the red carpet at tonight's Golden Globes and the only one who took a risk and made a statement with her look.  Of course, one of the main Twitter debates of the night was whether or not it was a Yay or a Nay.  I just spoke with her makeup artist, Beau Nelson, to find out what inspired the crazy idea.  And just an FYI... it's BeautySweetSpot approved! When did you see Nicole's dress for the first time and what were your initial thoughts?

I saw it a few days before in pictures, and it looked a lot darker blue in the pictures, so today was the first time I saw how it actually looks.

Was it your idea or Nicole's to do the icy blue eyes to match?

Yes, I wanted to continue the theme of the dress on the face, nude and ice blue. Its probably not something I would do on anyone else, but Nicole wears everything so well i knew she could carry it off.

What was your inspiration behind her look and how would you describe it?

The dress was the inspiration, the colors and the textures were what I took into account when choosing all the products I used to create this look. Id describe it as a modern take on Hollywood glamour, with a little bit of 60's influence.

What are your tips for wearing color all the way around the eye?

Color is easier to wear on the lids when its anchored by a darker version of itself at the lash line. For this look I used Navy liner around the entire eye. Paired with the blue shadow it gave it some impact and depth so that the color wasn't overwhelming.

Nelson used Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Single in Sky and Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Pencil in Midnight around Nicole's eyes.