Playboy Glam at The Blonds

  The Blonds are amazing designers known for their eccentricity. This year, the look was all about Playboy. The clothes were magnificently intricate beaded corsets and the nails even moreso.

The nails, by Kristina Estabrooks for CND, took over 100 hours of manual labor to make and it definitely paid off. There were nails of every imaginative design. Hand painted bows, Swarovski crystal made fishnet, 24k gold leaf foil, and my personal favorite; crushed glass atop silver polish. The crushed glass matched the geometric shapes on the corsets. They were insane and glittered so much more than the standard rhinestone."It's not nail art, but nail fashion," remarked Estabrooks. Totally agreed.

To keep the nails and clothes as the focal point, the makeup and hair accentuated the Playboy vixen vibe. The makeup, by Kobuki for MAC, was described as a futuristic sex kitten. Kobuki created a "false eyebrow" by using two different eyebrow pencils, "Lingering Brow Pencil" and duck power point pencil and brushing concealer through the real eyebrow hairs. Then using a darker pencil to cheat the outer arch of the brows. The real treat was the eye makeup. I fall in love immediately with anything resembling a cat eye or winged tip and this one was no exception. Kobuki made a lightning bolt out of the eyes with Black Fluidline Liner.  He made wings as usual, but then added an eyeliner flick on the bottom and the top. Stunning and so easy to recreate.  To finish the look, Kobuki contoured the face and added Woo Me Kissable Lip Color for a juicy, glossy finish.

The hair was huge and bombshell! Dennis Lanni for Bumble and Bumble wanted a Jessica Rabbit look for the models as they walked down the runway. He teased the hair and set it in big rollers. The rollers, secured with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, were left in for quite some time. After the rollers are taken out, the curls were brushed out. Dennis did not want ringlets in the hair. The overall effect was a cross between Priscilla Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

I've been loving the sixty looks that have been coming down the runway this season! The nails were fierce and I feel like I'm in desperate need for "nail fashion."