The Best Tinted Moisturizer, Hands Down

Last week after I had my Fraxel treatment my derm handed me a goody bag, or maybe it was a 'trust me, you're going to need this bag.'  Besides moisturizers, SPF's and ointments there was a tinted moisturizer from a brand I've never heard of.  How could I have never heard of it?  Really?  She swore to me that it was her favorite and told me to try it.  Since my derm is my new BFF (come on, my skin is in her hands!), I trusted her and gave it a try.  Well, now it's my favorite new tinted moisturizer too. The product – Revision Intellishade SPF 45 Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer, $50.  It comes in original and matte versions and just replaced my Laura Mercier one.  Why?  Because it's lighter, has an SPF of 45 and has anti-aging properties.  The intellishade formula acts like a one size fits all t-shirt and adapts to your skin tone.

I typically don't like wearing makeup on my face (and yes, I count tinted moisturizer as face makeup) unless I'm in front of a camera for a gig and need to, but this doesn't count for me.  It's literally moisturizer that adds a bit of a healthy glow and evens out my skin tone.  The one downside?  You can't get it online or in stores!  It's sold through dermatologists offices and medical spas, but you can locate one near you here.  Trust me, it's worth a trip!