The Best Polish Hues for Fair Skin

Recently, I interviewed manicurist to the stars, Jenna Hipp, and we got into chatting about      which polish shades really complimented different skin tones and which really popped.  Allow me to introduce you to the first in a series, the best hues for fair skin.  Of course, selfishly being that I'm the fairest around!  Now, you'll never have to face the endless wall of polish again.  Stay tuned for more! "Light nudes & pinks look best on fair skin, but bright colors like hot pinks, fuchsias, reds & berries all look great, because the really pop," comments Hipp. Her top picks:

Dior "Plaza"  a bright, poppy pink with blue undertones.

Chanel "Ballerina"a soft pretty sheer pink

Nars "Amchoor" gives even the palest skin the illusion of a slight tan