The Best of the European Music Awards

The European Music Awards took place in Berlin on November 5th.  The MAC Pro Team was on board to primp some of the artists and dancers involved with the show and ended up using over 600 false eye lashes, 60 shadow colors, 300 nail polishes, 20 pots of loose powder, 200 powder puffs, 25 different glitters 1,000 makeup sponges and 1,000 makeup brushes.  Talk about numbers.  Out of all the fine tuning, two starletts stood out on the red carpet: Shakira and Katy Perry.

Shakira looked flawless with her classic sleek ponytail.  In order to prevent pesky fly-aways I would recommend Shinbi's Magic Move Light, $18.  Work a dollop of this cream from the ends up to your roots before brushing it into a sleek pony.  It'll leave your locks smooth without feeling sticky or hard.  

Katy Perry hosted the awards and I couldn't help but notice her sheen overall glow. A great way to highlight your assets when wearing a strapless dress is to apply highlighting powder to your collarbone and arms. I would suggest MAC's Iridescent Powder in Golden Bronze, $22.