The Best $100 Ever Spent, Plus WIN Katy Perry Tickets!

After a spontaneously fun and relaxing weekend with Schick in Miami, they dared me to pamper myself for a full day (I know what you’re thinking, what kind of dare is that, but wait for it…) unplugged! No tweeting my manicure polish shade, catching up with my bestie on the phone during my pedi or obsessively checking my iPhone for that big email I’ve been waiting for. I felt like I was paralyzed. My day of pampering was more like two and a half hours and included a mani and pedi plus and extra ten minute foot massage and twenty minute back massage while my nails dried, of course (who has patience to sit under the drier).

It made me realize that I never take the time out to relax and enjoy these treatments that I get weekly. Instead they always feel more like a chore. Keeping my phone in my bag and laptop in my apartment, I flipped through weeklies and zoned out. It was awesome!

I dare you to take the challenge!  Plus, I'M GIVING AWAY KATY PERRY TICKETS!Put your phone away during your next mani and pedi. Pamper yourself and get those extra ten minute massages. Make your weekly manicures pampering instead of chores. Give those texting fingers a break and really enjoy it!

Participate in the giveaway by commenting below telling me about your best "unplugged" experience.  The tickets are for Katy's LA concert on 8/6 at the Nokia Theater.

A winner will be chosen at random and announced in the comments section under this post.  Good Luck.