The 10 Most Searched Celeb Hairstyles of 2011

When I go to get my hair cut I always search: "Nicole Richie, side bangs" and bring a pic with me to my stylist, Eric, at the Ted Gibson Salon.  I know he knows what I'm talking about, but having the pic always makes me feel more secure.  Yahoo! just released a survey of their top searches from this year and I love the "Top Celebrity Hairstyle Searches for 2011" list so I had to share.  It's amazing to see who we've been inspired by and who's iconic coifs made the had us going talking.

Top Celebrity Hairstyle Searches on Yahoo! 2011:

1.       Jennifer Love Hewitt

2.       Emma Watson

3.       Jennifer Aniston

4.       Kate Gosselin

5.       Olivia Wilde

6.       Justin Bieber

7.       Snooki

8.       Ashlee Simpson

9.       Reese Witherspoon

10.   Rumer Willis