Tested: Zeno Hot Spot

Two weeks ago I was introduced to a new gadget that promises to diminish 90% of blemishes within 24 hours called the Zeno Hot Spot.  Skeptical of the claim I kept it out on my shelf until about a week later when a very unwelcomed pimple surfaced by my chin (thanks stress!).  

With the simple tap of the tiny device, it quickly heat up to a tolerable warmth, which varies between 116.5 and 120 degrees, and I placed it directly on my pimple like the directions said for 2.5 minutes.  It beeped every 30 seconds so I knew how much longer I had to go and beeped a few times in a row at the end so I knew my treatment was over.  

I anxiously looked in the mirror and noticed the whole area around my pimple was red, waited four hours like the directions said and did it again.  After four treatments in a 24 hour period, my zit was still there.  Smaller in size? Hmmm... maybe, but nothing a little salicylic acid couldn't take care of.  

The Zeno Hot Spot retails for $39.99 at Walmart and comes with about 80 uses.  The number of treatments you need per pimple depends on where you catch the pimple in it's life cycle.  My advice, stick with your favorite drying cream and skip out on the fancy gadget.