Tested and True Tuesday

It's not often that I do an at-home mani, but this weekend I was rushing around packing for one of my sorority sister's weddings all the way out in PA and I didn't have time to get one thanks to the train schedule.  Lucky for me, my nails were neat, but in desperate need of a polish change.  As I was running out the door I threw a nude polish into my bag and a new product I received from Cutex, the Manicure Correction Nail Polish Remover Pen, $4, at drugstores.

Sitting in my hotel room before the wedding I was able to paint my nails as carefully as possibly (I'm not much of an artist). And yes, I did end up with polish on the skin around my nails, as I knew I would, but the marker-like point allowed me to remove it neatly.  Now I can say sienora to the days when I used to try to clean up my hands with a cotton swab full of nail polish remover and end up wiping of my newly finished paint job.