Long, Full Hair is Mine Thanks to the Ted Gibson Salon & Great Lengths

I'm so excited because I just got home from the Ted Gibson Salon where Jan-Marie Arteca hooked me up with Great Length extensions!  I feel like whipping my hair back and forth!  Yes, I noticed I'm using a lot of exclamation points already, but I literally just got home and am that happy. As you know, I've expirimented with extensions before and have taken a break for quite some time.  Most recently, I've been wearing clip in extensions for TV segments and spokesperson gigs to add fullness and length to fine hair.  I feel like having good hair makes a big difference in how I carry myself.  Therefore, when having the chance to get Great Lengths I jumped!  In case you're unfamiliar, Great Lengths are real human hair that's bonded to hair through a protein bond.

Jan used six bundles and three hues to seamlessly blend all of the hair into my natural hair.  "If you take care of them properly, they're not damaging to your real hair," she commented.  Since hair sheds as it grows out, it's important to brush it several times a day to free up loose strands from the bond so they don't become matted.  The proper brush is also important.  A Mason Pearson is perfect, but any mix of nylon and boar bristle paddle brush will do.  I can wash my hair regularly with a sulfate free shampoo (which is about three to four times a week) and make sure to keep conditioner away from the bond.  Another important tip is to make sure to dry the bonds as soon as I get out of the shower so they don't slip.

After all of the hair was added, stylist, Eugene Smith, cut a few inches off and added shape to them so they really look like my natural hair.  For people who don't know me, they'd never be able to tell I'm wearing extensions.  All in all, I added about four inches in length and a ton of fullness.  My Great Lengths are expected to last about three to four months depending on how well I take care of them.  Let me tell you, I'm going to baby these beauties!

*All of my before and afters will be up on my Glamour.com column soon!  Stay tuned!