Top 5 Spring Makeup Trends

One of my favorite spring makeup trends is orange lipstick.  Call me crazy, but yes everyone can pull it off.  Last week on NBC's New York Live, I chatted with Jacque Reid about how to take the top five spring makeup trends from runway to real way. Yes, I promise you can even begin incorporating blue eyeshadow into your look. Here are all the details and my segment.

1. White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is fresh and can give the appearance of bigger eyes, while minimizing any redness in them. You can replace your black liner and  line your upper lash line or simply your waterline, because white liner makes a statement no matter where you place it.  Not ready to go bold, try a using nude for the same brightening effect. Try Rouge Bunny Rouge Brightening Liner Duo in Eyes Wide Open, $32.67 at

2. Orange Lipstick

When trying to pull off such a striking color you need to consider your skin tone. You can wear true orange if you're have olive skin.  Otherwise, opt for a red orange like a coral.  Pick a matte consistency to help control it from bleeding and choose the intensity that works within your comfort zone using either a bit of a stain or layering liner and lipstick.  I like mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain in Frilly, Lolli and Pop, $7 at meetmark.comNARS Lipstick Rouge A Levres in Heat Wave, $26 and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square, $25 at

3. Radiant Orchid Cheeks

This look is very feminine, but can be as fashion forward as you want to take it.  Here, you want to experiment with texture.  A highly pigmented powder will give you more drama, while a tinted cheek stain will have a less dramatic effect.  Two examples: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Plum Pop, $21 at and Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush, $30 at

4. Blue Eyelids

One of the biggest spring makeup trends is using blue on the eyes.  There are two ways to wear blue eyeliner without looking crazy.  For an all over wash of pigment, use a cream based eye shadow and take your ring finger.  Dip it into the pot and slide your finger across your lids.  You can reapply to create a bolder, more intense fashion forward look.  You can also incorporate the shade into a smokey eye.  Try using cream shadows for the all over wash of color like wet n wild Idol Eyes Crème Shadow in Distress, $1.99 at drugstores or Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Inky Blue, $25 at 

5. White Nail Polish

I recommend getting this professionally painted so it doesn't look sloppy.  Some white polishes are too streaky, which makes them look cheap instead of sophisticated. Experiment with the texture and use a polish with a blue or grayish tint, because it will look good on all skin tones even if you're pale.  Check out Jin Soon Nail Polish in Kookie White, $18 at

Check out my segment on NBC's New York Live featuring all of the above:

The Chic Way to Wear White Nail Polish

Normally while riding the subway I get lost in my headphones and try to mind my own business, but recently I was struck by a manicure.  The girl sitting directly across from me had the most perfectly painted white tips and I found myself instantly envious thinking, white polish would never look that striking on my nails.  Eager to put the hot new spring beauty trend to the test, I visited the Jin Soon Nail Spa in the West Village and spoke with Jin, herself, about the do's and don'ts to wearing hot hue.

"White is very tricky and can be done horribly wrong," she commented.  "There are a few simple rules that come into play when wanting to wear it."

  1. Find the right formula.  Opaque whites can be gummy or streaky.  You need to find a formula that paints on smooth.  Two coats should do it.  It's really all trial and error.
  2. Shape your nails appropriately.  In order for the color to look modern, your nails should be short to medium in length with a rounded square shape.  Wearing white polish is a whole look, not just about the color.
  3. Apply precisely.  A professional job may be worth investing in unless you have a very steady hand.  Make sure it looks chic and not cheap by making sure the polish doesn't touch the cuticle.  

Jin Soon used her new "Kooki White" shade for fashion shows like Karen Walker. Inspired by the 1950's,"Kookie White" isn't stark white, like you may think.  It's a universally flattering shade of with blue and grey undertones, which even looked chic on my pale skin.  That's right, no tan needed. (Note: Kooki White will be available here soon).

Spring Beauty Trend Spotting: Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow was one of the makeup trends that dominated the spring runways. Of course as soon as you hear about it you probably think about Mimi from Drew Carey. Eek! However, the hue can be bold and beautiful as the statement lids at Marc by Marc Jacobs and light washes of color at Badgley Mischka and The Blondes proved. Here's how to rock it this season.

The trick to wearing the shade is to either wear it as a wash of color all over the eye or incorporate it into your smokey eye.  As a wash of color, use a cream shadow like Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Peacock Blue and use your ring finger to apply it (since it's the weakest and won't deposit too much color in one spot).  Just sweep it across your lid.  You can control the intensity of the color by layering it.

Here's a pic of Jamie Chung in a recent Mark Cosmetics ad taking it up a notch.

Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg gave me the exact shades she used to get her look: Sweep mark's Color Swing Mix It Up Palette in the light blue shade (middle) over the lids as well as in the creases. Next, apply the dark blue shade (right) at the outer corners of the lid. Run eyeliner along the upper lash line. Finish the eye, with two coats of mascara.

The Best Wine Stained Lipsticks for Fall

While most fashionistas were busy pulling their wardrobes for NYFW, I was more concentrated on pulling together my lip looks.  Whether I was reporting or gallivanting, each day I hit the shows and events sporting a different wine stained lipstick out of my new fall collection.  So allow me to present you with my favorite snapshots of my lip looks and berry shades for fall.  Get 'em while they're hot! MAC Yung Rapunxel Lipstick (limited edition)

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Fire Down Below

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Nights


How to Wear A Dark, Berry Lip this Fall

Spotted: Dark, berry lips backstage at the fall 2012 fashion shows of Donna Karan, YSL and Gucci. The vampy trend is a throwback that originated in a much more romantic way in the 1920's, resurfaced as Gothic glam the '90's and is now influenced by vampire culture, in a modern, yet feminine way.  As of late, I've been receiving a surplus amount of these pigments to test out, and spoke with Giorgio Armani's Celebrity Makeup Artist, Tim Quinn to find out how to rock the trend the right way. Tip 1: Find the Right Shade

"For the dark berry lip I look to all the elements; hair, skin and eye color," Quinn explains.  "Cranberry tones work well on fairer complexions and blackberry shades work well on both dark complexions as well as the very fair skinned, dark haired beauties."  His favorite is the Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks, specifically Rouge #408.  I've been wearing Mark Make It Rich Lip Color Crayon in Peony.  It works for my skintone, but they have berry shades that flatter all for only $11.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Texture

Sheer? Glossy? Matte?  Who gives?  You have to!  This fall it's all about a saturated matte finish.  This way, it doesn't compete with the textures of your fall wardrobe.  The pigment compliments it.

Tip 3: Stay in Control

When going bold on the lip keep the rest of your makeup simple as the dark lip needs to remain your focal point.  "Not too smokey on the eyes, not too much color on the cheeks, and make sure that you wear the lip with confidence," Quinn states.

J. Lo's Makeup Artist Gave Me the Scoop On Oscar Day and How To Apply Winged Liner

"I just left Jennifer's house," said J. Lo's makeup artist, Mary Phillips said as I answered up the phone.  Just two days after the Oscars she was following Miss Lopez to American Idol.  Along the way, I was thankful she had time to call me and give the Oscar scoop I was after.   J. Lo's glam squad arrived at her house at noon to begin prepping her for the red carpet. "When we got there she had a breakfast buffet laid out for us and we ate as she tried on a few dress options," Phillips explained.  The songstresses team consisted of Phillips, her hairstlyist, manicurist and two stylists.  "We collaboratively work together all the time and put together one look as a unit," Phillips said.  "In the end, Jennifer makes the decision."  It only to them an hour to get her ready and she left her house around 2:30 to hit the red carpet.

The result? Stunning.  J. Lo at her best.  The look was 60's inspired, but after working with J. Lo for six years, Phillips knew better than to make her skin matte.  What caught my attention was her winged eyeliner.  I spotted this look on the Fall 2012 runways just a few weeks ago and at the Oscars, other leading ladies like  Emma Stone, Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana also embraced the trend.

Here's Phillips' winged liner how to:

1.  Draw a line with from the inner corner of your upper lid to the outer making it thicker as you near the middle and extend.  She used L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Brown on J. Lo.

2. "You want the eye to have a lifting effect," she states.  Create an illusion of lift by drawing upwards by placing your pencil at the outer corner of your eye where your bottom rim ends and using that as a guide to draw upward.  The key is to keep it delicate and light.

3. If you're doing heavy shadow along with the winged liner then just do a nude lip like J. Lo. However, you can also wear winged liner and mascara with a bright, bold lip like Angelina Jolie or Zoe Saldana did.


Haute Trend: Color Blocked Nails

When I get my weekly mani, I normally play it safe and get a purple tinged black hue, like Essie in Luxedo, that I feel comfortable wearing. I think dark colors look chic on my short nails, and complement anything I wear. This week, I stepped out of the box and played with nail polish—even my manicurist questioned my choice! I decided to make my nails pop and play them up as my main accessory with Essie in Haute as Hello and painting only my ring fingers with Essie in Too Too Hot. Being that the two polishes are both warm-toned, I like the way it works. It’s definitely a conversation starter!

New Spring Shades from Butter London

Normally when I go get manis and pedis I very rarely bring my own shade.  (Mostly due getting them randomly on the go and forgetting to put my color in my bag.) Therefore, I'm always forced to choose between a wall of OPI and Essie colors, which don't get me wrong, I love, but in the wonderful world of nail color, there's so much more out there – like Butter London for instance. I first discovered Butter London a few seasons ago backstage at NY Fashion Week and was introduced to the Creative Director, Nonie Creme.  This Spring, Nonie was inspired by impressionist style prints that graced the Spring/Summer 2011 runways and created a palette that she calls "muted/greige."

“There is a strong move toward ‘retro’ colours this season, with many designers looking at Halston era glamour and style. This collection is all about “pops” of colour that feel unique and edgy but relevant – our trademark," Nonie commented.

The colors include Lady Muck (greyish periwinkle), Dosh (molton apple green), Teddy Girl (pale retro bubble gum), Hen Party (sheer opal, which I like as a top coat) and Blagger (cobalt blue).