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BeautySweetSpot Launches A Safe Sun Facebook Campaign, Join In & Win!

Hey BeautySweetSpot readers!  With all of the attention that's arouse from my tanorexic story I decided to take the opportunity to launch a safe sun Facebook contest.  I've been getting a ton of emails and Facebook messages from all of you and people around the world about your safe sun stories and thought it would be an awesome if you had a place to discuss them, help me spread the word and a chance to win a years worth of SPF and a chance to be featured on BeautySweetSpot! So here you go... Check out BeautySweetSpot's Facebook page and visit the Photo Contest.  Once there, upload a pic of yourself by August 13th practicing safe sun.  It can even be a pic of your fave SPF, self tanner, a wide brim-hat... anything that sends a safe sun message and tell me why practicing safe sun is important to you.

After submissions are collected, there will be a voting round!  Share your submission with your friends and vote for yours and your favorites.  Three winners will be chosen on August 27th and each receive a years worth of SPF along with their stories and photos featured on  At random, one will receive 12 bottles of Vichy, another, 12 bottles of La Roche-Posay and another will receive 12 bottles of Australian Gold.

Yes, I'm deeming 12 bottles of SPF a years worth, even though any person may need more than that.  Let's not get greedy!  I thank you all for your support through out my tanorexia story and it's media coverage.  Now, let's all help spread the message of safe sun!  Good luck!

AOL Spread "Ban the Tan" Too, On Their Home Page!

I just got a call from my father saying my tanning story was on the homepage of AOL today, (he still has an AOL email address).  This is crazy.  It's really is an International news story. I'm so so honored that all of these outlets are spreading the story, because it's resonating with so many people. I'm getting emails from former melanoma survivors, people who used to be just like me, mothers who plan on showing the segments to their daughters who are still tanning and others who are inspired. I'm so thankful that this story is affecting people in a positive way and helps spread a safe sun message.

Good Morning America Helps Me Spread the "Ban Your Tan" Message

Last week after I got home from Aruba, Good Morning America's, Linsey Davis paid a visit to my apartment along with a producer and crew to discuss my former tanorexic days and why I kicked my harmful beauty habit to the curb.  They couldn't have come at a better time as my former self would have returned from Aruba with blisters from the sun!  I proved my case and told the story that some media outlets loved to sensationalize.  Here's the segment and an article on ABC that explains it further.  I'm honored to have been able to spread the message of safe sun on GMA!  More pics after the jump!

Thankful... "Confessions of A Tanorexic" Takes Off, Here's What's Happening

This past week when my story of being a former tanorexic hit newstands in the New York Post I was shocked that it was on the front page of Pulse.  Yet, never have I ever imagined it would continue to grow and affect so many people.  Today, Yahoo published a very honest story highlighting my former tanorexic days and the role Cosmopolitan played.  Now, a new chapter unfolds... I feel I owe it to you, my readers, to express not only gratitude for being as dedicated as you have been these past couple of years, but also for showing a tremendous amount of support as the press has picked up on my "Confessions of A Tanorexic" blog post.

Since, I've been in touch with my old boss, Kate White, the Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan.  I wrote her a thank you note expressing how thankful I am to have launched my career at Cosmopolitan, because if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be where I am today, but of course, I also thanked her for changing my life as her staff looked out for my best interests.  She responded and is thankful that the messaging is on point in my post and on Yahoo.

The most inspiring thing that's come from this so far are emails I've been receiving; some from melanoma survivors who are thanking me for raising awareness.  I cannot believe my story has made this much of an impact on other people's lives and feel honored and blessed to have a platform to be able to share it on and continue educating about safe sun.  The best part, this is only the beginning...



I Banned My Tan & Explained Why in the New York Post & UK Daily Mail... Of Course... There Was Added Drama

Hey BeautySweetSpot readers!  I'm really excited, because I was given an incredible opportunity to share my "Confessions of a Tanorexic" story on an International level today: first in the New York Post and then in UK's Daily Mail.  However, the drama around the situation was a bit blown up for entertainment purposes, obviously.  Headlines catch any of you? As you know, I used to live in a tanning bed and have blogged about my confession back in May.  I often credit my now healthy skin and paleness to my editors at my first job, where we practiced safe sun at Cosmopolitan.  I literally say, they may have saved my life for if it weren't for landing that gig and entering the beauty world, who knows, I may still be tanning.

The NY Post wrote my name as Jeanette, not Jeannine and also quoted me as saying, "If I didn’t practice what I preached, I would be shown the door.”  Not true, I wouldn't even say, "I would be shown the door," even if that's how it went down.  I was never given an ultimatum or said that.  It was simply an oxymoron for beauty writers to tan as I mention in my former blog posts and my editors, who were my mentors at the time were truly concerned for my addiction.  If you read "Confessions of A Former Tanorexic," then you know the story.

Still practicing what I preach here on BeautySweetSpot, I'm honored to have had the chance to tell the story of my tanning confession, what it was like to go through tanning withdrawl and how I've learned to embrace my new look.  I believe that practicing safe sun is imperative, but like any addiction, tanning isn't easy to quit.