Repetto Eau de Toilette

repetto-eau-de-toiletteWhether you're a former ballerina, still practice or just love following those en pointe on Instagram, you'll appreciate for the new Repetto Eau de Toilette. So much so, that yes, you'll want to own it.  As I was reading through the press materials for the pointe shoe company's first fragrance, I realized how carefully crafted it actually was and fell in love before I even smelled it.  I blame it on my former days with the satin ribbon tied around my ankles.  Yes, I once wore Repetto's famous pointe shoes and tutus myself – back in the day.

Even though rose and orange are the strength of the fragrance, what stood out to me most was powder, which is the base.  It dries down with vanilla pod, and amber wood, creating an interesting feminine combination.  Refreshing and light, it's something a sophisticated, graceful woman would wear.  "A musky powdered rose, real quintessence of feminity," perfumer Olivier Polge explains. The way he captured rose makes it wearable for everyone but your grandmother, which is unique.

I don't normally review the packaging on of beauty products, because it's what's inside that really counts, but let's just say I have a weakness for this fragrance. Blame it on my former ballerina days, but I get it's careful construction and again, appreciate it.  If you dance or danced, you will too.  The edging of the bottle is powder pink, the same shade of a Repetto pointe shoe and has a satin ribbon around it's neck, which needs no explanation.  What's really interesting though, is the way the bottle is carved, "as if it's in perpetual motion like a choreographed body."  Beautiful.

You can find Repetto Eau de Toilette at Sephora for $55.