Modern Day Retro Hair & Makeup Tips

It's true.  This season, what's old is new again.  Surprised?  As the fashion cycle goes, clothing inspired by the 1940's walked the runways and of course, hair and makeup completed the looks making retro styles a major fall beauty trend.  I got the scoop from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Katie Robinson and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Jennifer Brent on how to rock the look in the modern day. Makeup: "Whether grunge or mod, most of these trends lend themselves to experimental eyeliner, which is so fun,"  Robinson explains.  "Experimenting with various styles of liner can take your look from the everyday to the exotic."  She recommends trying CoverGirl Ink It! Perfect Point Plus Eye Liner to create different looks.  "You can draw a precise cat eye or smudge it before it dries for a rebellious ‘90s look."

Hair: "My favorite retro look this season is the glam side sweep ala Veronica Lake," Brent states. "For bombshell waves, use a fat barrel curling iron or wand and curl away from your face. Then, after curling each section, gently tug on the curl until it cools for a loose, wavy look." She recommends finishing with Pantene’s Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray and smoothing the All-in-One Styling Balm through the ends. "They’re great holding tools with lots of shine when applied to a deep side part or big waves."

Inspiration to Make the Chop

Two weeks ago, I announced that a BeautySweetSpot reader volunteered to join me in NYC to chop her hair for Pantene's National Donate Your Hair Day.  Well, Punam, my reader was a rockstar and brought a few friends for support, one of which, was so inspired by the cause that she made the chop as well!  Take a look at the before and after pictures and yes, you can donate anytime too, if you're inspired by their stories as well. Stay tuned, because they'll also be featured in Pantene's vine-umentary about making the chop.  (Instant celebs!)

Punam, who's donated her hair before, chopped 10" and brought along an extra ponytail that she's been saving to donate to a good cause.  It takes eight ponytails in all to make a wig.  "I'll be a nurse and in the future I want to work as an oncology nurse and I'll see girls all of the time who will lose their hair because of cancer so this is just another way that I can help," Punam says.

Her support system, Kristie, who walked in with hair down her back, chopped about 9" and left with a clean, yet still long style, was in a similar situation.  Her aunt is a breast cancer survivor and she too, will soon be a nurse.  "Talking to Danilo and learning about where the hair goes and thinking about my aunt convinced me to do it," she says.  "When I work with cancer therapy patients, I'll be proud to say that I donated my hair.  I feel really good about it and I love my style."

If you are looking for inspiration for your new haircut, the September issue of Seventeen includes a special feature on National Donate Your Hair Day, which has a variety of cute cuts and styling options for those planning to donate.

As a thank you to those who donate, Pantene Beautiful Lengths is running a special promotion at Walmart offering donors a rebate of up to $30 in the form of a VISA gift card by mail to cover the cost of their salon haircut. Beginning September 3, 2013, donors can access the rebate by following three easy steps: 1) Request a donation kit from Visit any salon and cut a minimum of 8 inches of hair – remember to follow the guidelines for hair donation! 3) Head to your nearest Walmart to purchase any Pantene product to style your new ‘do, then mail in your salon receipt, your Walmart receipt, and most importantly, your ponytail using the pre-paid envelope in the donation kit. Here are complete terms and conditions.

For more information about National Donate Your Hair Day or the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program visit

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Another Reason to Cut Your Hair

Do these short styles inspire you?  Then pay attention!  Last week I mentioned I'm looking for a BeautySweetSpot reader to join me at a media event with a celebrity stylist to donate their hair for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths campaign on National Donate Your Hair Day and am excited to announce that I found Punam from NJ who's eager to participate!  But don't worry, besides joining me at the event on Saturday, there are other ways you can get involved.  Everyone can do something... help make real-hair wigs available at no-cost to women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.  Read on to find out how you can help. Don't worry if you can't or don't want to chop your hair.  You can still be involved by pledging to donate next year or by planning a donation cutting event for friends and family. Even something as simple as Tweeting your support for the program @Pantene using #BeautifulLengths will help support the cause by building awareness to the program.

If you do plan on making the chop we'd love for you to be part of the National Donate Your Hair Day Vine-umentary!  Pantene's creating a video-documetary to capture the moment donators are making the cut, calling it a "Pony Up" moment.  Capture your chop on a Vine now through October, and submit it by tagging @Pantene and using the #BeautifuLengths and #PonyUp.  Your donation can be part of history!

Thank you all again for learning about Beautiful Lengths and for spreading the word.  It's a fantastic program and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it.

*This is a sponsored post, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

National Donate Your Hair Day, Get Involved with Pantene for A Cause

I'm so excited to announce that I'm partnering with Pantene to help spread the word about National Donate Your Hair Day on September 7th.  Now, this isn't just another reason for the beauty industry to celebrate.  I'm sure you've heard of Pantene Beautiful Lengths, but what you may not have known is that they have a partnership with the American Cancer Society.  We're asking you to "Pony Up" and donate your ponytail to make real-hair wigs available at no-cost to women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.  Read on to learn how you can donate and help spread the word. Plus, there's a special opportunity in here for a BeautySweetSpot reader!

While there are many different ways you can donate your hair to create wigs, I've always been a supporter of Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, because you know exactly where your hair goes. In 2010, best friend Melanie wanted to donate her hair.  I recommended this program and covered it on BeautySweetSpot (see her experience here) to encourage others to do the same.  After all, since 2006, Pantene has donated more than 28,000 free real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig banks, which distribute wigs to cancer patients across the country.

Looking to donate your hair?  Here are the qualifications.  When I cut 10" off of my hair in February I, unfortunately, wasn't able to donate it, because it was dyed so frequently.  If you are interested in donating and qualify, I'm looking for a BeautySweetSpot reader to join me in NYC on Saturday, September 7th at Pantene's NDYHD event!  You'll receive a fresh new cut by a Pantene celebrity stylist (just in time for fall) and be featured in Pantene's video documentary that'll capture your journey. (Note: reader must live in the tristate area).

Comment below and let me know if you'd like to join me on Sept. 7th and donate your hair!  Unable to donate?  No worries, you can still get involved by pledging to donate next year or by Tweeting their support for the program @Pantene using #BeautifulLengths.

Celeb Stylist, Danilo, Wants to Tackle Your Mane

Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are just a few of the leading ladies Pantene Celebrity Stylist and Global Ambassador, Danilo, has his hands on on a regular basis.  Now it's your turn.  He'll be at the Walgreens Pop Up in NYC's Times Square this Saturday, July 20th offering free consultations!  Ladies, I've had my hair done by him before and it's a treat!

Event Details: Saturday, July, 20, 2013 12pm-4pm Walgreens, 1471 Broadway New York NY 10036

Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis.  If I were you I'd get there early and wait!  It's well worth it.  Especially if you have somewhere to go on Saturday night.

He'll be using Pantene products that help fight the elements like:

o Daily Moisture Renewal Silky Moisture Whip o Volume Root Lifter Spray Gel o Smooth with Argan Oil Shine Serum o Ultimate 10 BB Crème

Also, for those of you who can't make it, I'm giving away a Pantene Weather Prep Kit and will have an interview up on the site with Danilo next week so you, too can have all of the tools and tips to style your hair in all types of weather.  To enter, leave a comment below about how humidity affects your hair, register here so I know how to find you and RT the giveaway on Twitter.

*This is a sponsored post by Pantene, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Now You Can Have A "Stylist" At Your Fingertips, Literally

Wish you had a stylist at your finger tips daily?  Damn, I do.  I asked Mark Garrison a few weeks ago when he cut my friends hair for Pantene if he styles his girlfriend's hair every day.  At first I was jealous of her, to be dating a stylist, but after listening to his answer, I was super jealous!  He said no.  His reason – she wakes up with gorgeous, non-frizzy, smooth hair daily so he doesn't even need to touch it. Well, for those of us who don't wake up like that and are affected by everything from damage, the weather and just a simple bad hair day, there's hope  – yes, at your finger tips.  Brilliant Color and Beauty Today Local Hair Day Forecast just launched!  So what is it?  Put in your hair type and zip code and it gives you a styling tip based on the weather.  How's that for a weather man?

Here was my hair diagnosis for today:

High 57 F      Low    53 F

0% rain 83% humidity

Today's Hair Forecast

In humid weather, try using as few styling products as possible to avoid weighing down your hair. For a clean, fresh look, use a light volumizing spray to add lift to the roots, and leave the rest of your hair product-free.

*This is a sponsored post.

BeautySweetSpot Reader Donates 12" of Hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Everyday I receive products in the mail from different companies that want me to try them for possible review on BeautySweetSpot.  But in October I received a mailing from Pantene that really caught my attention.  It wasn't the shampoos and conditioners from their Beautiful Lengths collection that made me stop and think, it was an 8" ruler included in the bag. That was my first introduction to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Pantene's partnership with the American Cancer Society in which they make free wigs for adult women with cancer.  I knew right away I wanted to partner with them.  One of my best friends Melanie has been growing out her hair to donate it.  After a bit of back and forth she agreed she was ready to break up with her long locks and go under the scissors for Pantene.

This weekend we visited the Mark Garrison Salon in NYC and where Mark Garrison himself was ready to chop away.  Previously a Locks of Love cutter, he partnered with Pantene years ago to offer free cuts for his customers who donate their hair on Wednesdays at his salon and half off any other day because he believes in their work.

"I like working with Pantene over Locks of Love because their messaging is clear," Garrison said.  "You know exactly who your hair is being donated to and the partnership with The American Cancer Society solidifies that."

Garrison didn't just pull Melanie's hair back into a ponytail, make one big chop and send her on her way.  Instead, he took time with her to talk to her about styling her hair after the cut to ensure her that she was going to look fabulous walking out of the salon.

He started by sectioning her hair into several ponytails all around her head and cutting them one at a time.  This way he got the most length at all points and roughly shaped her new style.  Twelve inches later he shaped up her cut and she looked like a new person.

"I was ready to part ways with my hair," Melanie stated.  "It was so long it would just hang and I couldn't even style it anymore."

Things did get emotional at times, but more exciting that anything.  Check out the video footage of the first snip and Melanie's reaction below.

The requirements to donate hair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths were that you had to have at least 8" to cut and your hair had to be virgin.  I haven't had virgin hair since I was about 13!  Melanie was the perfect candidate.  If you know someone who's thinking about donating their hair check out the website.

Mel's Reaction While Cutting: The After Effect:

Pantene is Looking for A Reality TV Star

Reality TV is addiciting.  Even if the show is a train wreck, you can't turn it off because it's like watching an accident happen.  Being on reality TV definitely has it's perks.   I saw the cast of The City and some of the ladies from The Real Housewives of NYC sitting front row during New York Fashion Week this past season. If given a chance... would you want to be on a reality TV show? I know it probably depends on what kind of show, but with this show the answer is yes, yes, yes! Pantene is looking for a reality hair star and it could be you!  Submit a video telling Pantene about your hair personality by April 18th and you could be chosen (by America's votes of course) to be flown to NYC for an in-person test shoot this May.  The live TV ad will run May 25th on a major TV network and you could be a reality TV star!

Check out an entry by this "real housewife."