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Melanoma Awareness: Prevent, Protect and Get Checked

Last month I reported on the scary truths behind skin cancer and since May is Melanoma month, I feel it's only right to point out a few more facts.  As we cross out days on our calendars leading up to Memorial Day Weekend it's important to remember why sunscreen is so key not just in the summer months, but year round. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and one person in the US dies of it every hour.  Can you even grasp that?  This month, many skincare brands are building awareness campaigns around Melanoma, but you should be cautious and take care of your skin year round.  I recently went to my dermatologist for a full body scan to make sure I'm OK.

SkinCeuticals began a mission to raise more awareness of Melanoma by educating people on prevention, protection and getting checked.  They're encouraging Facebook fans to share their story on the how melanoma has affected them or how they plan to stay protected this summer.  They're also donating $20 to the Melanoma Research Alliance for every video uploaded to the Facebook page, or $2 for every written post. Each user who uploads a video will also get a free full-size Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50.