Lipstick Shades We're Loving for Spring

lipstickA look just doesn't feel complete without the touch of the perfect lipstick. And while the whole natural look, with simple balms and nude glosses, was seen all over the Spring/Summer 2015 runways, there's just too many amazing lipsticks this season to miss out on. Check out some of our favorites to try this spring.


Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Color, $33 These lipstick colors allow you to build to the perfect pigment for you. With a satin finish, your lips will project a stunning luminous color that should be seen in the spring.


Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick, $22 If you're going for a gorgeous sheer lip with a hint of color, this line is for you. It has the same original Revolution formula with a creamy texture, and shiny finish. This line gives your lips a gorgeous hydrated healthy look.


Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Créme, $24 Any new Marc Jacobs lip product immediately becomes a must-have for us. And this seasons creamy, velvety lipsticks are no different. With 50 available shades, a high-pigment and long wear formula, this lipstick is a no brainer necessity.


Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour, $28 Every girl needs at least one liquid lipstick in their arsenal. And this should be yours for the spring. If you want to stick with the nude, natural makeup look, this collection has gorgeous nude options. Nude Rose is our favorite, giving you the perfect tint of red without overpowering.



Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick, $21 Another great liquid lipstick option for this season. Although it is not a completely new product, it has eight new shades we are seriously loving. From the deep burgundy of Velvet to the bright pinky-red of Strawberry, you're bound to find the best shade for you to rock this season.

3 Lipstick Shades Every Woman Should Own

Courtesy of Tormented Sugar, Beauty Illustrator While you may have a ton of options for dressing your lips, there are only three lipsticks every woman should own.  Consider these three the main staples in your lipstick wardrobe and the rest, well, why not right?  Makeup Artist, Michael Shepherd of GlamSquad, gave me the rundown.


Your Best Red - Whether it's an orange or blue based red, pick your hue and own it.  Because they're less maintenence, choose a matte red lipstick.  They last longer and won't bleed.  I'm a huge fan of NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Fire Down Below and Heat Wave.  A great drugstore option is Maybelline Color Sensational The Mattes Lip Color in Siren in Scarlet.


Your Everyday Nude - To find a nude lipstick that's right for you, match the shade to the center of your bare lip.  Opt for a glossy formula, since matte nudes aren't the most flattering.  Check out the Dior Rouge Dior range.  There are several nudes with a sheen.  Also, L'Oreal has a Perfect Nudes Collection.


Your Pop Color - Think pink or berry.  Your pop color should be your fun, lipstick shade of choice, but keep it matte for the same reasons as using a matte red.  You could always put a gloss over it.  Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipcolor Stick has serious staying power and Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick offers fun moisturizing shades.


Avon's New Lipstick Has Serious Bite for Under $10


I can’t resist a bold lip. It’s one of my favorite beauty looks to rock for any and all occasions— to the office, on dates and girl’s night. The only issue I have with choosing a bold lip is the maintenance. Constantly having to check in a mirror and reapplying is annoying. While it is worth it, thanks to Avon’s new Ultra Color Bold Lipstick I’m not awkwardly looking into the camera on my phone to check my lipstick anymore.

Avon came out with eight new shades for their Ultra Color Bold Lipstick and they’re amazing. From Magenta Peach, to Ruby Shock and my favorite, Fearless Fuchsia, there’s a color for everyone. Whatever color you choose, the lipstick’s pigment is intense. But if you don’t want such an intense color, a little blot of a paper towel removes the shock factor of the bright color and evenly blends the lipstick into a more subtle color.

Not only does it look amazing, but the way it feels on is not what you think when you think lipstick. It almost feels like a chapstick when you apply it because of how smooth and creamy it is. The moisturizing texture dries to a satin-like finish. This smooth texture also keeps the lines in your lips from showing unlike some other matte-finish products.

With such moisture you would assume that the colors spreads and wears really easily. But it doesn’t. I wore a different color almost every day to shows during NYFW and I every night I came home and had to take a makeup wipe and wash it off. The staying power is really a pleasant surprise.

And the cherry on top... it only costs $8.

A bold lip for every occasion

Who doesn’t love the perfect bold lip? While it’s a great look to sport, there is always a time and a place. Here's a comprehensive list of the right ways to go bold for every occasion.  And yes, you can rock one at work.  Don't believe me?  Keep reading.

The Work Place: As a woman in the work place, its important to promote yourself as a strong, independent, intelligent woman. Nothing screams that better then the perfect bold lip (except for maybe a killer designer bag). Coral is a great color to show off your work place presence. Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color has a gorgeous pink-coral color called Kissed-Lips.

Date Night: Flirty, fun and not too intimidating are what you should keep in mind when picking your bold lip on a date. Your guy will definitely notice your full lips, but won’t think of them as kissable. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick collection has many good flushed color options that are sexy but simple, such as their color Fly High.

Party: This is the perfect place for you to do you. A party is all about being social and having a good time. Wear whatever color expresses your personality best. I personally love Smashbox MegaTint Long Wear Lip Color in Mulberry—a soft plum color that really makes a statement.

Happy Hour: Sipping on drinks all night is dangerous when wearing a bold lip. Smearing and smudging are a serious risk. That’s why it’s best to go with stain like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar- Lip Stain. It goes on dry but gives a glossy finish. It also applies gradually so you can wear it as intense of light as preferred.

Valentine's Day Beauty Advice from A Girl Who's "Guy Hot" (Most of the Time)

This Valentine's Day I'm not going to give you a round up of all the pretty red and pink cosmetics you 'should' be wearing for the holiday, because truth is, they're not the colors of love.  Instead I'm going to help you land a man or if you have one already, I'm going to help you keep him.  No, I'm not claiming myself an expert in dating, but I will give myself some credit as I know a thing or two about what men want.  So, when it comes to your beauty regimen are you "girl hot" or "guy hot?" Here are my tips on how to be "guy hot." First let's define what "girl hot" and "guy hot" actually are.  I for one, am both (like Emma Stone), but know when to play which card.  It's important to understand your audience when getting ready for any date or occasion.

  • Girl Hot: dressing for the girls including, but not limited to fashion forward trends like color blocking, anything with a spike, lip color, false lashes, 'it' bags, and heels that are meant just for sitting
  • Guy Hot: dressing for the guys including, but not limited to subtle enhancements, stilettos you can walk in, touchable hair, practical bags, the no-makeup-makeup look
Now, here are my rules on how to be "guy hot" for Valentine's Day.


1. Ditch you red lipstick

There's nothing a man hates more than a chick with red lipstick.  Some may think it's because they don't want it all over their faces when you make out, but that's not even it.  They don't even think that far when they see it.  It's because they immediately associate it with their grandma's, aunts, Broadway performers and circus clowns.  Red lipstick is not hot.  While I love to wear red lipstick myself, I save it for girl's night out.  For date night, opt for a moisturizing lip balm under a gloss that brings out the natural color in your lips.  Just dab the gloss in the center of your bottom lip and onto the bow of your lip with your finger so it's not goopy.  The combination will make your lips look healthy, moisturized and kissable.

2. Be real

Wear fake lashes?  Hair extensions?  Get rid of them.  There's almost nothing worse for a man than noticing (or finding out after a romp) that a woman has over accentuated one of her features.  It gives them the feeling that you're insecure.  Hey, I love my clip-in hair extensions, and wear them a ton, but I'm just letting you know what I've learned.  Take it or leave it.  If you must wear your lashes or hair extensions, own up to them in conversation and don't let him wonder.  That's just creepy.  Of course when going out with the girls, a few falsies couldn't hurt!  Bring it all on!

3. Own your scent

Wearing the latest Marc Jacobs scent isn't that impressive to a man or at least it shouldn't be.  Be very aware of what you smell like at all times whether you're wearing fragrance or not. Your natural scent is appealing and you don't even know it.  If you choose to wear a fragrance make sure it has notes of amber or vanilla, both are favorites of the male species, and spritz lightly.


Get the Look: Tips for Achieving A Wine Stained Lip

Thanks to BeautyHigh, the number one question I'm being asked right now via twitter is about the lipstick shade I'm wearing in their recent editorial, "The Top 10 Beauty Bloggers Share Their Beauty Tricks and Fall Must Haves."  Naturally, when I was asked to be part of the shoot, I focused my whole look around my lip as I knew I wanted to rock my favorite fall beauty trend – a wine stained lip.  The lipstick? Cle de Peau Extra Rick Lipstick in R10, but it's not just about the shade, the trick is how you apply it.  Here are the rules. There are two ways to wear a wine stained lip – literally stained or dramatically focusing on the pigment.  When it comes to choosing the perfect berry color, just like reds, consider your skin tone and hair color and test them on your fingertips.  Most people test lipsticks on the tops of their hands, but truth is, because of the blood flow, the coloring of your finger tips is more like the coloring on your lips.

Make sure to prime your lips with balm no matter which look you're going for.  I've been consistently using Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer, which plumps out my fine lines and keeps my shade in place.  To get the stained effect, dab your color of choice onto your pout with your finger and then blot with a tissue.  For a more precise, dramatic look, use a lip brush and paint the pigment on carefully stroke by stroke.

As for the outfit, here are the deets:

Top: Mark Call It A Tie Blouse, Skirt: H&M faux leather, Cuff: Alexis Bittar, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman


The Best Wine Stained Lipsticks for Fall

While most fashionistas were busy pulling their wardrobes for NYFW, I was more concentrated on pulling together my lip looks.  Whether I was reporting or gallivanting, each day I hit the shows and events sporting a different wine stained lipstick out of my new fall collection.  So allow me to present you with my favorite snapshots of my lip looks and berry shades for fall.  Get 'em while they're hot! MAC Yung Rapunxel Lipstick (limited edition)

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Fire Down Below

Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Nights


How to Wear A Dark, Berry Lip this Fall

Spotted: Dark, berry lips backstage at the fall 2012 fashion shows of Donna Karan, YSL and Gucci. The vampy trend is a throwback that originated in a much more romantic way in the 1920's, resurfaced as Gothic glam the '90's and is now influenced by vampire culture, in a modern, yet feminine way.  As of late, I've been receiving a surplus amount of these pigments to test out, and spoke with Giorgio Armani's Celebrity Makeup Artist, Tim Quinn to find out how to rock the trend the right way. Tip 1: Find the Right Shade

"For the dark berry lip I look to all the elements; hair, skin and eye color," Quinn explains.  "Cranberry tones work well on fairer complexions and blackberry shades work well on both dark complexions as well as the very fair skinned, dark haired beauties."  His favorite is the Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks, specifically Rouge #408.  I've been wearing Mark Make It Rich Lip Color Crayon in Peony.  It works for my skintone, but they have berry shades that flatter all for only $11.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Texture

Sheer? Glossy? Matte?  Who gives?  You have to!  This fall it's all about a saturated matte finish.  This way, it doesn't compete with the textures of your fall wardrobe.  The pigment compliments it.

Tip 3: Stay in Control

When going bold on the lip keep the rest of your makeup simple as the dark lip needs to remain your focal point.  "Not too smokey on the eyes, not too much color on the cheeks, and make sure that you wear the lip with confidence," Quinn states.

Met Gala Approved Beauty Trend: Vampy Lipstick

Tonight at the Met Gala, perhaps one of the most high fashion events of the year, the biggest names in the industry along with Hollywood's most talented walked the red carpet donning their most glamorous attire.  One beauty trend that couldn't go unnoticed was the plethora of dark lipstick that coated the pouts of Jessica Alba, Camilla Belle and Lana Del Rey.  They were all sporting a vampy lip look to compliment their metallic gowns.  Here's how to get the look. Jessica Alba in Michael Kors

Jessica wore a deep red lip that reminded me of one of my favorite color combos from Nars.  To get the look, try Nars Lipstick in Fire Down Below layered over Nars Lipliner in African Queen.


Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren

Camilla reportedly blended her lip look herself creating a deep burgundy glossy shade that  reads almost black.  Into it?  Try Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Cassis and top it with an even vampier gloss like YSL Black Lip Gloss.

Lana Del Rey in Altuzarra

The mission was to represent her music.  Mission accomplished.  The singer wore a matte, deep, velvet red lip.  Check out Illamasqua Lipstick in Matte Deep Scarlet Red.


Why Guys Hate Red Lipstick, Plus Three of My Faves

"I'm really not liking this red lipstick trend," says Joe, my boyfriend after I applied my new Nars lipstick that I was ridiculously excited about wearing.  Well turns out Joe is not alone as most guys hate the red lip look.  The real question is how much do we care? "It just makes your lips stand out and your face look really pale," he comments.  "It's annoying."  After asking him a million and one questions I came to the conclusion that he believes "the look" or maybe it's any real makeup look makes it seem like we're trying.  The effort is a turn off.  Which is why the "no-makeup-makeup look" is so successful.  Of course, I wore the lipstick proudly anyway (who wouldn't) and got a ton of compliments from my girlfriends.  After all, we dress for the girls... right?

I feel like I've forever been searching for the perfect red lipstick and thanks to NARS Makeup Artist, Jenny Smith, I found it.  Well, she kind of put me in my place about it by telling me that I'm taking the whole red lipstick thing way too seriously and just have to have a little fun with it.  There is no perfect red lipstick.

Now, since I let my hair down about it (and don't listen to Joe when it comes to my makeup), there are three reds I rotate between: NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below , Cle de Peau Lipstick (which I've written about before) in #213 and Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Lipstick in Cherry.  They're all different shades and textures and great for different times of day and events.  Every time I reach for one, Joe cringes.  Have a hot date?  Skip the red lipstick.

NYFW Beauty Trend: Matching Lips & Tips

This season one of the biggest trends I've spotted backstage is matching nails and lips, which means it's going to be super hot for fall.  Backstage at Zac Posen where models wore striking, yet classic red lips and nails, I had the chance to catch up with my friend and MAC Makeup Artist,Kerri Blair to chat about the look. "The lip and tip is definitely one of the hottest trends this fashion week so far," commented Blair.

The true red created for the lip at Zac Posen is Cherry Red Lip Pencil and a red lip mix gloss.  To match the lip, the closest nail polish MAC had is a new shade called Flaming Rose, which will be out in the Fall.

"Classic red lips and nails are just as important as a black dress," commented Blair.  "The color looks good on any skin type because it's neutral with a little warmth and a little coolness mixed together."

Coming soon from MAC, (and I can't wait for this) will be matching sets of lipsticks and polishes that further encourage the trend and take the guesswork out.


Amanda Seyfried Celebrated Her Birthday with Cle de Peau and I Found the Perfect Lipstick at Her Party

On Tuesday night I attended Amanda Seyfried's 26th birthday party at Norwood in NYC thrown by Cle de Peau (she's the face of the brand).  The whole private club was filled with editors and we all eagerly checked out the brands Spring 2012 launches and wished Amanda a happy birthday by lighting individual candles promptly at 7pm.  The most exciting part – I found the perfect lipstick – Cle de Peau Enriched Lip Luminizer in Plum Pudding. ""I like darker lipsticks and I absolutely can't live without the Concealer stick. Clé de Peau's Mascara keeps my eyelashes curled even though they're really straight," she told People Style Watch.

While I've been a fan of Cle de Peau for years, but I just found the perfect lipstick at their lipstick bar that was set up surrounded by rock candy, maccaroons and caramel treats.  The lipsticks in the new Spring 2012 collection were all inspired by the sweets (specifically by a visit to Patisserie Valerie in London) and each have names that reflect it. There are 20 chocolates, berry and caramel shades that are super moisturizing and creamy in texture but offer a glossy like like.  The perfect combination of a lipstick and gloss if you ask me.

They're not available until February, but I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on Plum Pudding!  (I have a bunch of samples for now).  The coolest thing is that since it's a pricey lipstick (yet, well worth it), you can purchase a lipstick for $60 and then save the tube and get a color refill for $35.

Rachel Zoe Talks New Lipstick Line, Exude

Last week I attended an event for Rachel Zoe's new lipstick line, Exude, and had a few minutes to chat with the stylist about her involvement with the collection. Described as a "modern take on a classic lipstick," Exude is a collection of nine lip creams and five glosses that roll up like a regular lipstick, but seep through a clear tube on top for pigment application.  You get the sexiness of applying a lipstick, without the mess of it melting in your purse or becoming deformed as you apply and reapply.  Check out what Rachel had to say after the jump (video):

Enhance Your Pout & Get Tipsy

According to Bite Beauty, women apply lipstick on an average of five times a day.  Well, if you apply Bite's lipsticks five times per day you may end up wasted.  Just kidding... but if you like red wine as much as I do, this one's for you.
Each of Bite Beauty's new lipsticks contain as much resveratrol as five glasses of red wine.  So no, it won't get you drunk, but it will give your pout a boost of antioxidants.  Because of its benefits, resveratrol is an ingredient that has been used in skincare for the past few years.
The collection includes Luminous Creme Lipstick, High Pigment Pencils, Lip Shine (a gloss), Lip Rouge (my fave), SPF 15 Sheer Lip Balm, a vitamin lip gel and a nourishing super fruit butter.  They range from $18 - $24 and can be found at Sephora.

Tom Ford Says Pucker Up for A Price

Tom Ford collaborated with Estee Lauder in creating Private Blend Lip Color launching in June.  Yes, the colors are rich and seem to be velvety smooth, but the cost of one tube seems to be absurd!  They're a whopping $45 each! "This is my take on 12 classic lip colors," Ford remarks. "I took the most universally flattering shades a woman could wear and then reimagined them in a modern and authoritative way."

While Mr. Ford may have authority in fashion and cosmetics, I'm not so sure charging $45 for a lipstick is reasonable.  Formulated with soja seed extract, Brazillian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, the texture alone may make it worth the splurge.

One of my favorite bronzers of all time was a collaboration between Tom Ford and Estee Lauder, but it's been discontinued.  So I warn you, if you do decide to purchase one of these luxurious shades, don't get hooked they may not be around forever.