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The Men's Grooming Low Down: Yes, You Can Get Him to Change His Look

Known for creating the "look" for Diddy's posse at his annual White Party and making Perez Hilton's face feel as smooth as a baby's bottom (so I've heard), Craig the Barber gave me the 411 on men's grooming. Pay attention ladies – there's advice on how to change your guys look!  (Come on, you know you've at least thought about it!)

I love your article on "The Guide to Face Shapes and Grooming." Do men often ask to be groomed according to face shape or is it something you work with without telling them?

Thank you, it’s good to hear that you can see the benefits of my Face Shape article! Most men that sit in my chair initially do not ask. However, there is never a client that  leaves my chair without knowing their face shape and why their hair and or beard was cut and styled this way. And with that being said, I have quickly come to realize that once that seed has been planted, most return to inquire in greater detail about their face shape, and so do their referrals!

What's the best advice you can give to a woman who wants her man to change his grooming habits?

The best advice is to take it slow - the last thing a man wants is a woman that is determined to change them. Also, it can be overwhelming to adapt a new routine, so I always suggest starting with the basic essentials. Two of the easiest grooming items to introduce to a man is a face wash and a face moisturizer. Why? Because it shows the quickest and most obvious results!

To play it safe, try to stick with the same brand that he is currently using to shave with. That way it remains familiar and, in turn, is easily adaptable. Once he becomes comfortable with these steps, his mind will be open to more changes in his grooming routine.

As an expert in men’s grooming, what are your favorite products to use and why?

Wow, that really is a tough one! Because there are so many individual great products within so many lines, going through and listing each individual one would be tough. However, there are not many grooming lines that cover all the grooming needs for a man across the board successfully. One that I know, that can do this well is Lab Series Skincare for Men.  The brand has long understood that men require products formulated specifically for them and offer education to help men understand exactly how to address their skincare needs.  In fact, Lab Series is partnering with me on a series of consumer events across the country. We will be offering one-on-one skincare consultations and complimentary services, and answering any questions men may have about grooming.

Out of all of the celebrities you groom, what was one of the best "makeovers" you've ever done?

While I would love to answer this directly (trust me, I would!) I always err on the side of discretion when it comes to my celebrity clientele (although I consider all my clients  stars!). But in a general sense I can say that they have been quite mild. Simply because once a person has reached true celebrity status they have already created a "look” that is marketable for them. They generally don't want to risk that by making any dramatic changes. Therefore, as far as makeovers are concerned they are much more subtle, in order to avoid too much attention.