great lengths extensions

Hair Products That Have Been Making An Impact

It's been two months since I've gotten my Great Lengths extensions and let me tell you, this coif has a mind of its own.  My real hair is fine and takes about ten minutes to blow dry straight, but with eight inches added on and tons of fullness, this beast needs to be tamed.  It's "naturally" wavy and out of control. Check out the products that have been getting the job done. Alterna Bamboo Shine Brillance Cream and Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil

On damp hair I use a dollop of the cream combined with a drop of the kendi oil. The results – a smooth, straight blow out every time.  Sometimes, depending on the humidity I'll use them seperately.  The Kendi Oil is like no other oil I've ever tried (and yes, I've tried them all).  It is light-weight and absorbs quickly, which works for me.

Carol's Daughter Monoi

Since I discovered this hair mask I've been using it regularly and it really keeps my hair super moisturized. At first I started using it simply because of the smell, but now that it's part of my weekly routine, I've been appreciating the effects of the monoi oil on my strands.