gabby bernstein

Gabby Bernstein's 'Miracles Now' Will Change Your Life

It's ironic that April is Stress Awareness Month, because as a freelancer with a calendar full of deadlines and a wedding in about seven weeks, I've been living almost stress free.  Enter Gabby Bernstein, who I like to call my new life coach.  A the author of "Miracles Now" and self proclaimed "Spirit Junkie,"who I'm telling you, after hearing her speak at a breakfast with Philosophy, changed my life.  I can't stop talking about her, reading her books and practicing what she preaches.  Here's why.

As soon as she began talking about the energy field we each have around us I knew she was my girl.  As a strong believer of "The Secret" and the law of attraction, Gabby enhanced everything I learned from that book and taught actual techniques from the practice of Kundalini, (the yoga of awareness), on how to control your stress and anxiety and add flow to your life.  "When you practice these techniques, fear will melt away, inspiration will spring up and a sense of peace will set in," she says.  Believe.

As a NY Times Best Selling Author, Gabby's new book, "Miracles Now," is the first one I read. (out of four).  By practicing paying attention to my breath and meditating by taking what she calls a "mental shower" I'm a much calmer person.  And let me tell you, my anxiety often tries to get the best of me.  I even start my mornings by listening to her "Super Soul Sunday" playlist on Spotify.

Pick up Gabby's book, "Miracles Now" at Barnes and Noble and you'll see what I mean.