Oribe Fragrance is Now A Thing

fragrance-cote-d-azur-pearl-box-large-1If you've ever had your hair styled in a salon with Oribe products, or are completely obsessed with the Dry Texturizing Spray like I am, you're going to love this news.  The signature scent we've all fallen in love with is now available as an eau de parfum. That's right, the beloved haircare brand has bottled up their signature scent and is now doing fragrance.

When developing the celeb hairstylist's haircare line, a perfumer was involved to create a signature scent that was placed in all of the products so they'd be easy to layer.  A fine fragrance, Cote d'Azur, was created and then developed to work with the products.

That fragrance, Oribe Cote d'Azur Eau de Parfum, a citrusy floral, is now available for purchase at salons and on for $85.  It's unisex and includes top notes of Fresh lemon, plum, black currant, Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian Orange; middle notes of Tuberose, blue cyclamen, white butterfly jasmine and bottom notes of Sandalwood, vetiver, crisp amber.

Something Blue-ish


Something old: my grandma's prayer book that was incorporated into my bouquet. Something new: my dress.  Something borrowed: Joe's mom's bracelet. Something blue: my pedicure plus and wedding day scent.  I chose a new scent for my wedding day that Joe approved of before hand so that each time I wear it, I think back to the memories of those romantic moments – getting ready with the girls, arriving at the church, dancing in Washington Square Park with him, being introduced into the ceremony as Mr. & Mrs., our first dance... So, how can a scent be something blue? Better yet, you'll love how I wore it.



I spritzed Oscar de la Renta Something Blue into my veil so when the wind caught it or when it moved as I danced, a sensuous uplifting scent filled the air.  It was romantic and he noticed.

Celebrating Juicy Viva la Juicy Gold Couture Perfume

juicy-couture-viva-la-juicy2Last night, I attended the launch party for Juicy Couture's Viva la Juicy Gold Couture perfume held appropriately at Gold Bar.  Thrown by SheKnows, it was a crowded, yet a very glamorous event with a spritz bar, champagne and photo booth.  The fragrance is one to talk about.

I know many of you love the original Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy fragrance and I don't blame you.  It's fresh and youthful, but this interpretation gives off the same vibe with a twist. It's a dedecant blend of berries, honeysuckle, golden amber, caramel and vanilla. Super sweet.

 You can find Juicy Viva la Juicy Gold Couture for $72 at Sephora.

*This post is sponsored by SheKnows, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Repetto Eau de Toilette

repetto-eau-de-toiletteWhether you're a former ballerina, still practice or just love following those en pointe on Instagram, you'll appreciate for the new Repetto Eau de Toilette. So much so, that yes, you'll want to own it.  As I was reading through the press materials for the pointe shoe company's first fragrance, I realized how carefully crafted it actually was and fell in love before I even smelled it.  I blame it on my former days with the satin ribbon tied around my ankles.  Yes, I once wore Repetto's famous pointe shoes and tutus myself – back in the day.

Even though rose and orange are the strength of the fragrance, what stood out to me most was powder, which is the base.  It dries down with vanilla pod, and amber wood, creating an interesting feminine combination.  Refreshing and light, it's something a sophisticated, graceful woman would wear.  "A musky powdered rose, real quintessence of feminity," perfumer Olivier Polge explains. The way he captured rose makes it wearable for everyone but your grandmother, which is unique.

I don't normally review the packaging on of beauty products, because it's what's inside that really counts, but let's just say I have a weakness for this fragrance. Blame it on my former ballerina days, but I get it's careful construction and again, appreciate it.  If you dance or danced, you will too.  The edging of the bottle is powder pink, the same shade of a Repetto pointe shoe and has a satin ribbon around it's neck, which needs no explanation.  What's really interesting though, is the way the bottle is carved, "as if it's in perpetual motion like a choreographed body."  Beautiful.

You can find Repetto Eau de Toilette at Sephora for $55.

Dinner with Laura Slatkin of Nest Fragrances

Chances are you own a candle created by Laura Slatkin.  Her first collection sold in Bath & Body Works (yes, the ones that matched the fragrance collections) and now, naturally, she's onto bigger and better things.  Her latest venture, Nest Fragrances, includes candles, but the scents are the stars.  Over dinner in her house on the Upper East Side in NYC, we spoke about her favorites, career and scent inspiration and what's next. When asked at dinner what your favorite NEST fragrance was, you had one for all different occasions!  What are they and why can't you name just one?

People always ask me which one of my fragrances is my favorite. As you can imagine, it is like asking a mother which child do they favor more!  I worked so hard on all of these fragrances.  I labored over them, lived with them, shaped them, and tweaked them until they were perfection, in my opinion, so it is very hard to choose a “favorite”! Instead of spending all my time with one fragrance, I divide my time evenly between them all so no one ever feels excluded! I wear Passiflora during the day as it lifts my spirits. Passiflora reminds me of the superb fragrance that emanates from a floral shop filled with fresh flowers and green leaves; I wear my refreshing Amazon Lily on the weekends when I am riding my bike in East Hampton or shopping around town in NYC; I wear Dahlia & Vines when I am out for dinner in the evening with my husband and close friends; I wear White Sandalwood when I am in a more seductive mood and headed for a special evening out; I wear Midnight Fleur when I am dressed in an evening gown. I lather my entire body with Midnight Fleur body cream and combine it with the eau de parfum. I wear Midnight Fleur when I want a rich, sexy, evocative fragrance on my skin.

The NEST Fine Fragrance Collection screams luxury from the packaging to the base notes.  What was your inspiration?

I didn't wake up one morning and decide to launch a fine fragrance collection; I was inspired to create a fine fragrance collection. One day I was sitting in my library reading some art books, flipping through the pages of a book on the 18th C. British artist Mrs. Delany when I came across a botanical that was so beautiful I actually ripped it out of the book – something one should never do – and I wrapped it around a box and said to myself, “Wow, this would make an amazingly beautiful fine fragrance collection.” It is then that I began the journey of marrying fine art to the art of perfumery. I brought the two worlds together and it was perfect. I hired a very talented Russian artist to paint the botanicals using Mrs. Delany’s body of work as inspiration. Then I took the paintings to the perfumers, and we created the fragrances using the artwork as inspiration.

From your career on Wall Street to founding Slatkin & Co, you're such an inspiring business woman.  What's one piece of business advice you'd give to others?

There are so many lessons I have learned along the way. I guess if I had to choose one lesson I have learned over the years is that businesses are like rivers – you need to let them flow. If you come across a barrier, you need to let the water go around that barrier, over that barrier, find a new direction to go in, but you can’t expect that it is always going to flow perfectly in the way you envisioned. If something isn’t working you need to find a new path, you need to switch gears, learn to pull the plug, and remember it isn’t personal, it is business. Building a business is a roller coaster, it is ride, and you should have fun on that ride. When things hit bottom, just remember you can only go up from there. The way to swing back up is to regroup and get to work…work harder. Stay positive and never lose your positive spirit. You have to find that inner strength to march onward and upward.

What's the best piece of advice anyone's ever given you?

When my son was diagnosed with severe autism, my husband and I started a foundation: New York Collaborates for Autism. Our first task was to establish a school for children with autism in NYC. I met Hillary Clinton at a friend’s home, and I shared with her our foundation’s mission. She listened carefully and she said to me, “I am going to give you some very important advice and I want you to remember what I am going to tell you.” She leaned in and said, "The government is your most powerful partner.” I quickly discovered that she couldn’t be more correct. The fastest way to affect change, to scale your efforts, and disseminate information, is through public/private partnerships. Her advice has been our guiding light. We went on to found the first charter school for children with autism in the state of New York. Hillary Clinton wrote a letter to the State of New York on our behalf, supporting and recommending the approval of our charter.

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it seems the sky's the limit.  What's next for you?  Or what else do you hope to accomplish one day?

“There is still much to accomplish with NEST Fragrances. It is a terrific company enjoying tremendous growth so I am laser-focused on continuing to drive that growth for the foreseeable future. I suppose one day I will sell NEST Fragrances and retire on a beach somewhere. Yes, I would retire to an island somewhere and you would find me on a beach on a lounge chair, drinking a pina colada; that is my “next.” Of course, as my husband always says, “And then you would open a puka bead shop on the beach and then, before you know it, there would be many, many puka bead shops." But seriously, my dream would be to start another company with several of my closest colleagues. We would dream up an innovative idea—a company based on a single product. Nothing complicated but ingenious! We would own the company together and have a lot of fun. Building businesses is fun; there will always be a next!”

Nail Art Inspired by DKNY Be Delicious

What do you think of my green half moon mani?  It was definitely a conversation starter! Since the new DKNY Be Delicious ad just came out (behind the scenes images from the photo shoot here), I was inspired by the fragrance and celebrated with nail art.  Think I captured it?  It's really easy to do at-home and check out my step-by-step photo tutorial. Step 1: Choose your base color.  Opt for a shade that matches your skin tone so it doesn't compete with your accent color.  Apply two coats.

Step 2: Using a thin brush, paint a half moon near your cuticle with your accent color.

Don't forget your bottom and top coat!  It's that easy though. Of course, I went and got it done because I always do, but can definitely see myself DIYing it next time.  Like what you see?  Check out the DKNY Facebook page for more of my nail art projects that were inspired by their fragrances.


Behind the scenes on set with dkny

For the past year as s a DKNY Core Girl, I've had inside access to some pretty inspiring activities with DKNY and communication with their fans, who've been amazing!  Almost exactly a year ago I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes on the photo shoot for the new DKNY Be Delicious ad campaign that was just launched.  While there, I interviewed the glam squad and shot some of my own Core Girl intro video.  Check out the pics from the shoot!


exclusive: Behati Prinsloo Talks Her New Victoria's Secret Fragrance Deal & Engagement to Adam Levine

Last week I had the opportunity to privately interview Adam Levine's new fiance and Victoria's Secret Angel, Behati Prinsloo at the Victoria's Secret fragrance launch event celebrating their latest, 'Victoria,' held at 620 Loft & Garden overlooking NYC's 5th Ave. While I was anxious to get my hands on the latest scent and meet the fresh faced Spokesmodel, I really couldn't wait to see her new rock (which was vintage and gorge) and get to know the future Mrs. Levine. While the Victoria's Secret brand had prepared a speech for her to give to all of us about the fragrance and partnership, she was completely overwhelmed with emotion and truly spoke from the heart.  A real humbled girl, I liked her right away.  Here's my exclusive interview:

What did you just do to your feet (she did something before she slipped her shoes on)?

Because it's so hot outside, I put powder in my shoes so my feet don't slide around.  It's a trick from the trade.

Why did you get so emotional when you spoke about your collaboration with this fragrance?

This fragrance is me, but the emotions are more about Victoria's Secret coming to me and asking me to do the collaboration.  They said I was the perfect person for it. The fragrance was fresh and young and still beautiful and feminine and they thought I was the perfect person for it.  I just got so touched by it.  It smells beautiful and I love roses.  It's such an honor to have a fragrance created off of who I am.

This is a huge career highlight for you! What do you hope to do in the future?

I never thought about modeling.  Then I got scouted and everything happened from there. I never in a million years would have thought I'd be sitting here as the face of Victoria's Secret's biggest fragrance.  I wouldn't want to know what happens next.  I like surprises and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Congratulations on your recent engagement! What was the best advice you've ever received on love or marriage?

It's not advice per say, but my parents have been married for 35 years and I've watched them and always wanted what they've had.

What advice do you have for people who are looking for love?

Be yourself and be honest.  Honesty and communication are the most important things.

Is there a product that you steal from Adam or he steals from you?

Not so much, but we both are obsessed with rosewater spray, which is funny!


5 Favorites, For Him in Honor of Father's Day

I've come to learn that men are creatures of habit.  My fiance, Joe, has his favorites and likes to stick with using the same brands he's trusted forever.  (Of course, I sneak in new things here and there.) However, Father's Day is a great time to treat your dad to something new that he normally wouldn't buy for himself.  Check out our five favorite men's grooming items of the moment, Joe approved. Tommy Bahama Eau de Cologne, $69

This scent boasts a sophisticated, yet relaxed feel.  Blended with notes of watermelon, tangerine, pear, and ginger layered on top of Tiare flower and violet leaf rounded out by amber, Tonka bean, and Australian sandalwood, it captures the island just like Tommy Bahama's menswear collection.

 Lab Series Skincare Simplified Kit, $75

Most men know they need to take care of their skin, but won't read up or consult someone on where to start.  Chances are if your dad isn't already using skincare or has a confusing regimen, this kit is perfect.  It has just the basics, a face wash, shave cream and moisturizer with SPF, but the quality of the products are on par with what we would put on our faces, made specifically for men's skin.

Jack Black King of the Road Travel Pack, $65

If your dad is always on-the-go this luxe skincare set has everything he would need plus more to ensure he has all of his toiletries.  Plus, it includes a really nice travel bag.

Conair i-Stubble Trimmer, $49.99

This beard trimmer has 15 settings built in so dad doesn't have to constantly be changing blades.  It's all powered electronically and moves seamlessly with the contours of a man's face.

The Art of Shaving 3-Piece Manicure Set, $70

While The Art of Shaving is know for their luxurious shaving sets, they also make stainless steel manicure sets for men that actually look and feel like manly tools. This set includes all the little tools men need to keep their grooming in tact like a nail clipper, tweezer and nose hair scissors.

Eat, Pray, Sniff... Exploring the Laura Tonatto Profumi in Rome, Italy

Ciao from Rome!  Our first day here, of course ventured around from Piazza to Piazza admiring scenes like the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps and stopping for liters of wine along the way.  In the Piazza Di Pietra I found myself separated from my family. As they were sipping espresso, I testing my way through the Laura Tonatto Profumi, a boutique owned by Laura Tonatto herself, who created Queen Elizabeth II's signature scent.  Allow me to take you there...

Experiencing each note offered one at a time through an interactive wall by spritzing some of the already blended fragrances and single notes I felt at home. Albi was one of my favorites as it struck a cord with it's spicy note of black pepper blended with fresh lavender.

The store manager was excited to tell me that a scent blended by George Clooney is a big seller and of course I was in awe to find out that Laura Tonatto is also the nose behind some of the Kerastase and L'Oreal Professional fragrances.

As I ventured to the back of the store, I found TVs with headphones attached set up like a museum tour that walked through decades of famous concoctions.  The experience was a beauty-junkie's travel must-do.  You can visit the Laura Tonatto Profumi online boutique to custom blend your fragrance.  After all, you don't want any else having your scent.  Do you?

5 Favorites from Dr. Brandt, Elizabeth Arden, Valentino & More

I've gone through countless amounts of packages full of new spring makeup collections, skincare lines and hair products and am still putting new products to the test.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've been enjoying sneak peeks of the latest and greatest with me.  Some products are worth raving about as they've either become staples, blew my mind or impacted my beauty regimen in some way greater than the others.  This will be a new feature on BSS, a round up of a few of my favorite things.  Allow me to introduce you, because after all, it's my job to help you cut through the clutter.   When I was first introduced to Make, I fell in love with the concept before the cosmetics.  As part of the We See Beauty Foundation, the company partners with local artists to create products and gives a portion of the revenue to help women's start ups in the US . Make Matte Finish Blush, $22.50 in Limoges Pink has been my go to pick-me-up for spring.  Always thinking of myself as a pinky/peach girl, I've been wearing NARS Blush in Orgasm since the beginning of time, but this is a nice change.

While it's not brand new, I just tried out Dr. Brandt's Laser A-Peel System, $78, when considering it for an upcoming segment.  A bit obsessed with peels, exfoliants and masks, I underestimated the power of the at-home peel that promised in-office-like results.  It's the first peel and mask that made parts of my face tingle in a long time.  One word: strong.  After leaving it on for five minutes, I rinsed and applied the soothing gel as instructed.  Immediately, it looked as if I had a facial with extractions.

Chip free polish for up to two weeks?  Sounds great, but I'm super anal about my gel manicures and will only go to one salon in NYC to get them, which happens to be all the way on the Upper East Side!  I began using Dior's Gel Top Coat, $24, which is a thick top coat that goes on like a gel, but dries normally.  My regular polish lasts about an extra two days (yay!), but stays shiny until my next mani, which is the real benefit.

Lots and lots and lots of lashes.  No lie.  I've tested about six mascaras in the past week and while I was impressed by a few of them for different reasons, Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara, $24, blew them all away.  I've been partial to Lancome's Hypnose Star  Mascara since it launched last fall, and I still love it, but this one gives a different look.  Full, separated, light-weight lashes.  Lots of them.

Finally a fragrance where the scent is just as delicate and precious as the bottle.  Valentino's Valentina Assoluto Eau De Parfum, $117 is one to covet.  It's a sensual fruity floral with a hint of vanilla.

Smell Like Spring with Bath & Body's Beautiful Day Collection

Despite the fact that the first day of spring began on March 20th, there were only two days since that really felt like spring in NYC.  It's times like these I know I should live in LA.  Until spring officially wants to welcome us with it's presence, try faking a beautiful day everyday by wearing bright coral lipstick, pastel polish and using uplifting fragrances to get you in happy hour mood.  I found an affordable pick-me-up that'll keep your mood boosted from sunrise til sunset.

Last week I was sent Bath & Body's new Beautiful Day Collection, which includes a shower gel, body scrub, body lotion, fragrance mist, perfume and more.  The fragrance is a light, fruity floral blend of apples, daisies and peonies and with the right layering technique, it lasts all day.  I like to start with the shower gel (which makes my whole bathroom smell like spring) and they layer with the body lotion and top it off with the fragrance mist.  

*This post is sponsored by Bath & Body, but my thoughts and actions are true.

Holiday Nail Art Inspired by DKNY Be Delicious Eau So Intense

Happy Holidays BeautySweetSpot readers!  Since my latest project with DKNY left my nails appropriately sparkling for the season, I thought it was a good time to fill you in on what I've been up to with the brand (see post on partnership).  My mission: to interpret their latest fragrances through nail art.  In honor of the holidays, I experimented with green first inspired by DKNY Be Delicious Eau So Intense.  Here's a look at the scent and how I captured it on my tips!

You may be familiar with DKNY Be Delicious, as it's been out for years and has a cult following thanks to the refreshing apple accord.  This newer fragrance that launched this summer, DKNY Be Delicious Eau So Intense, ups the ante as it's even juicier.  The apple note is simply intoxicating and is layered on top of other fresh notes like grapefruit and florals while dried down by woody notes like sandal wood.

When I spritz the fragrance I automatically receive an intense splash of energy.  Playing off of the apple accord and green packaging, green was the only color that could capture the freshness and vibrancy.  I decided to use sparkles instead of flat polish to up the intensity and created an ombre effect to showcase how a fragrance wears.

Want to replicate my look?  Check out the DKNY Fragrances Facebook page for an easy step-by-step guide.  Interested in creating your own version of nail art inspired by DKNY Be Delicious Eau So Intense?  We can't wait to see what you come up with!  Post your versions on their Facebook wall as well!

Holiday 'It' Kits: Bargain Beauty Buys for Everyone on Your Shopping List... Including Yourself!

One of the best parts about gifting your beauty junkie BFF during the holidays is the deals.    Since beauty companies are packaging their best sellers into giftables, they're being offered at discounted prices.  They're so irresistible that as selfish as it may sound, I highly recommend stocking up on your own beauty loot as you shop for others.   I rounded up some of the best beauty deals happening this season so you don't miss out.  You're welcome! Lorac Sweet Temptations Eye Shadow Collection, $36 ($304 value)

Inspired by a box of deluxe chocolates, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Carol Shaw created these four eye shadow palettes with rich pigments that are velvety to touch.  With names like: Indulge In White Chocolate (dramatic shades), Satisfying Toffee Crunch (natural shades), Tease Me Truffles (plum shades) and Tantalizing Dark Chocolate (bronze shades), the gift set makes a sweet treat for a chocolate lover or anyone who can use a boost to their cosmetic bag.  And seriously, who doesn't?

Marchesa Parfum D'Extase Gift Set, $75 (a $115 value)

Update your scent with this light, floral fragrance by Marchesa.  Feminine notes of freesia, jasmine and violet are layered over a musky finish to create a an intoxicating blend.  This gift set comes with a 1 oz. eau de parfum spray, roller ball and hair mist.

Fresh Sugar Addiction Mini Lip Collection, $48 (a $68 value) 

Appropriately named, I'm addicted to these tinted lip balms and would surely purchase them for myself if I didn't receive them at the press event.  Not only do these lip treatments help prevent and heal chapped lips, but five out of six in this package add a nice buildable tint.  My favorites are Rose and Berry.

Bliss The 'Bod' Squad Our Four Most 'Spa'-Pular Formulas For Body Set, $65 (a $115 value)

If you're a sucker for luxe body lotions and potions, then this set is worth indulging in.  Bliss packaged their four best sellers: Body Butter, Body Scrub, Hand Cream and Fat Girl Slim all for a fraction of the price.

Urban Decay Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set, $58 (a $152 value)

Urban Decay liners are no joke.  They're super pigmented and glide on smoothly.  This set contains eight full sized pencils: four best sellers and four newbies exclusively created for holiday.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor Gift Set, $60 (a $120 value)

A celebrity fragrance that possesses the femininity and beauty of a classic icon.  Created by Elizabeth Taylor, the gift set includes a 3.3 oz. EDT Spray, 3.3 oz. Perfumed Body Cream, 3.3 oz. Gentle Moisturizing Body Wash and .5 oz. Frosted EDP.  All travel sized, which is a smart way to give someone a gift of perfume.  If they love it, they can purchase the full sized bottle at a later date.

Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara Collection, $34 (a $77 value)

This is the ultimate lash lovers kit.  I'm obsessed with this mascara and love that Lancome created a whole kit around it!  It comes with their Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base, Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner in Noir and of course, 0.22 oz Hypnôse Star Mascara in Intense Black.  Everything you need to create an intense eye look.

Caudalie Indulgent Body Set, $28 (a $43 value)

Indulgent is the best word to describe Caudalie's creams.  I live for their foot cream and want this set!  It includes a full sized hand and nail cream and body butter.  Trust me on this, treat yourself.

Yves Saint Laurent 'La Laque Couture' Nail Lacquer Set, $60 (a $75 Value)

This value makes them $20 a polish!  Ladies, it's so worth it.  They're full sized lacquers in Rouge Pop Art (my fave), Rouge Dada and Fuschia Intemporal.  These polishes are covetable!   I'd even purchase this, keep one for myself and give one to two of my friends as a token on their gifts.

The Power of Red: Lipstick, Louboutins & Fragrance

Red is my favorite color because of the positive energy that surrounds it.  It's empowering, the color of passion, strength and confidence.  Why do you think Louboutins are so coveted? The red soles are status symbols for fashionistas, but are also made to seduce women and men alike.  Did you know the arch is made in the position of a woman's foot as she orgasms? Passion and power.  Don't even let me get started on my love for a classic red lip, (see post) but let's talk Forever Red by Bath & Body Works. The new fragrance is just that, created for the, "modern sensuality that defines the confident, intensely feminine and always true to herself woman," the Bath & Body Works President of Brand Development and Merchandising Camille McDonald describes.

When I was younger I used to go to the mall (yes, the mall, which was my NJ hobby back in the day) and love going into Bath & Body Works to get the 3 for $20 fragrance mists (Sensual Amber was my fave).  This fragrance, Forever Red, is more up my alley these days.  Light and sweet, it holds onto it's Bath & Body roots with a more sophisticated blend of red notes such as Brazilian red pomegranate, marigold, French red peach and red osmanthus.

You can find Forever Red at Bath & Body stores for $44.50 starting November 5th.

*This is a sponsored post, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Donna Karan Woman, A Fragrance as Voluptuous as A Glass of Pinot Noir

I took the elevator with my best friend, Adrienne, to the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower, a building I used to visit daily when I worked at Cosmo... flashback.  This time, I was invited back to attend an event for Harper's Bazaar hosted by their Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor, Avril Graham in celebration of Donna Karan's latest fragrance, Woman.  It was a rainy night in NYC and I was at a wine tasting and fragrance pairing overlooking Central Park.  Yes, I drank to that. The essence of Donna Karan was felt.  Black linens draped the tables, zen music filled the room, candles lit the space and orchids were predominately displayed as centerpieces... never mind the NYC skyline surrounding us.  This was a different experience, not just another event.  Trudi Loren,who is in charge of fragrance development at Estee Lauder was joined by Stephanie Johnson, the Wine Director at City Winery and they took us on a journey of exploration pairing three key ingredients in the fragrance with wine.

In the end, Donna Karan Woman is a powerful fragrance for women, made by women.  Christy Turlington, Karolina Kurkova and Liya Kebede came together for the campaign; all mothers, models and philanthropists to proudly represent what the fragrance stands for. (Watch the video here).

"I believe women are complex and full of emotion and feelings.  We have a unique ability to care and share and make the world a better place," remarks Donna Karan.  When I approached the project I wove this idea of the multi-faceted woman into all aspects of the process."

The fragrance can be summed up in three words: strength, softness and sensuality.  Johnson chose to pair it with a 2009 Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley, California called L'Angevin.  It had depth and richness with soft edges.

Donna Karan Woman can be found at department stores like Saks.  1.7 oz, $85 and 3.4 oz., $115

Announcing A New Partnership with DKNY Fragrances!

I'm completely honored and beyond excited to announce a new partnership with DKNY Fragrances!  It just made sense.  When I was approached by the brand a few months ago, could barely contain my excitement as the energy and passion DKNY gives off about NYC is identical to mine.  I've been a fan of the brand since before I even got into beauty editorial and wear Pure DKNY a Drop of Vanilla daily.  You guys, I'm dying.     The launch video announcing our partnership perfectly captures a day in my life.  Check it out!  

First Look at Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose

When my doorman hands me all of my packages at the end of the day and one of them happens to be from DKNY, I can't contain my excitement and peek inside before even getting upstairs into my apartment.  This time, it was a bottle of Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose.  I found out it was coming out about two months ago during a meeting with the brand and have been eagerly awaiting it's arrival since the origional Pure DKNY is one of my daily go-tos.  With it, came the note above, pretty spesh! I'm very picky about fragrances I actually wear.  Similar to Pure DKNY a Drop of Vanilla, this is a light daytime fragrance.  It's delicate and romantic, not your grandmother's rose.  The roses are harvested each summer in the Anatolian flower fields of the Isparta valley of Turkey.  The process is strict as the flowers are handpicked right before dawn and about 2,500 tons of petals are brought by truck to a distillery.  The fragrance ends up being the purest form of rose. DKNY is known for helping to improve the lives of women through creating and selling their Pure fragrances and this one is no different.  They have a partnership with CARE, which helps  lift women out of global poverty.

The Best Fall Fragrances For Different Personalities, My CBS Segment

This morning I appeared on CBS's new morning show, On the Couch and got to meet the lovely, Carolina Bermudez (who I've been listening to on Z100 for years) and John Elliot. We had a blast discussing my favorite fall fragrance launches and what they say about the women who wear them.  After all, spritzing on a fragrance says a lot about your personal style. Check out the segment!

My Intimate Night with Gaga... Really, I Touched Her and Watched Her Get Inked... Plus Grabbed A Video of All the Action

Thursday night I attended Lady Gaga's launch party for her new fragrance, Fame, at the Guggenheim Museum along with anyone who is anyone in NYC.  It was a true masquerade. Along with top influencers in the beauty industry, Yoko Uno, Marc Jacobs, Jessica Stam, Michael Strahan, Charlotte Ronson, Alexander Wang, and I sipped champagne in awe as we watched Gaga get a new tattoo inside a replica of her fragrance bottle.

When I arrived, I walked the red carpet and entered into the museum wearing a Zara cocktail dress with lace overlay on top and feathers on bottom.  My Walter Steiger booties weren't even my main accessory.  The invite stated, "Head piece required."  I donned a super chic black headband with tulle flowers that had a mesh, black veil.  Greeted by Gaga's harness men upon entry I found my friends, found the bar and observed.

A video began to play directed by Steven Klein for the fragrance launch and to my surprise I come to find out that Gaga was in the fragrance replica!  She was in there!  Acting like Sleeping Beauty, draped in fur, people quickly lined up to touch her.  Yes, to touch and try to wake Gaga.  Of course I pushed my way through the crowd with Dina from eye4style, Marina from makeuplovesme and Sarah from styleitonline (check out her mask gallery here) and we all touched Gaga.  Or maybe I should say we reached into the fragrance replica where she was sleeping, grabbed her hand and harassed her nails to check out the mani situation.  Worth it!

After she awoke, the song "Fame" by David Bowie blasted throughout the museum and we got a sneak peek into her life backstage.  Her glam squad rushed in, Gaga spritzed herself with her fragrance and before we knew it, we were watching her get inked.  This was the art in the middle of the Guggenheim.  Gaga was on display.  Her personal life was on display for all of us who cared.  And we did care.  

This is what we saw:

As for the fragrance, see my review here.