doris day

Skincare That Works From the Inside Out

Collagen-Supplements-for-Skin-CareWe're sure that when you think of treating your skin, slathering on serums, oils and lotions comes to mind. For us, too!  But there's more... complimenting these topicals with nutricosmetics may be the best move you can make for your skin. We talked to New York City Dermatologist, Doris Day, to get the scoop.

Use as a compliment, not a substitution  Supplements don'tt take place of your topical skincare. While topicals address external needs of your skin, supplements and nutricosmetics optimize internal needs like aging and inflammation. This creates what Day refers to as, " a synergistic skin care program."

Nutricosmetics People sometimes describe nutricosmetics as “supplements,” but unlike supplements, they are designed to have highly targeted benefits to the skin. So while there are nutricosmetic products to help treat acne and even out the skin tone, there are others to help hydrate the skin, target fine lines and wrinkles. "They can also be formulated to complement aesthetic treatments," Day explains.

The benefits "By treating the skin from the inside out, you are supporting the structure and function of the skin," Day explains. Therefore, the overall health of your skin (remember: the largest organ of you body) will improve due to supplements. Plus, any underlying skin issues you may not even be able to see yet, are best treated when using oral skincare.

What to look for Of course, like any other skincare, we recommend you speak to your dermatologist to find products that are clinically proven and formulated to target your specific issues.  Day suggests looking for omega-3’s, berry extracts, hyaluronic acid.  Also, as we are big SPF advocates at BeautySweetSpot, ingredients that help protect the skin from UV damage such as Heliocare, Lycopene, CoQ10 are also available in this supplement form.