Shiny and New, My Hair Has Never Looked So Good

Lately I've been getting the best compliments on my hair!  It's not just the type of compliments girls give each other when they first meet up either – you know the, "I like your shoes." and "Great bag!" type.  These are coming from people who have known me for years are looking at me in shock saying, "Your hair looks so good. What are you doing?"  My answer, "I restored its virginity." I've noticed it to.  Being that as far as styling products go, I've always used just a dollop of mousse here and there so that's not it, but in the very beginning of September I switched my shampoo, conditioner and hair mask to the Living Proof Restore Line.  The claim – it restores your hairs virginity. Now I'm not exactly sure when my hair lost its virginity, but I knew as a color whore, it was long gone.

When I attended the event, the marketing and research and development team explained that when using the products your hairs moisture, shine, manageability and strength will be restored by nine times.  About seven weeks into use, I can honestly say my hair has never looked or felt more healthy. The catch (yes, of course there's a catch), once you stop using them, it's innocence will be lost again.