Behind the Look: Joanna Pensinger Ford

Joanna Pensinger FordWelcome to “Behind the Look” – a new feature that showcases the talent behind the looks we love – the real celebrities in my eyes.

With clients like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Bacon and Ewan Mcgregor to name a few, Men's Groomer Joanna Pensinger Ford, has had her hands on some of the hottest men in Hollywood (Leonardo.  Enough Said.).  Here, she talks about her most exciting project, must-have products and grooming tips, which we can pay attention to, too!

Describe the most exciting project you’ve worked on lately.

My most exciting project was working on Kevin Bacon for Jimmy Fallon when we made a mock Footloose skit. Not only is Kevin an amazing person but Footloose has always been one of my favorite movies. I was dancing and giddy for the whole shoot day.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

My beauty philosophy is "Quick and Effective". Whether it be my work or the product I use. Men do not like a lot of fussing yet they enjoy seeing and feeling improved.

Joanna Pensinger Ford productsWhat are the top five must-haves in your kit and why?

My must haves in my kit to achieve that feeling is:

1) La Mer's Oil Absorbing Lotion which hydrates yet combats shine.

2) Kiehl's Facial Fuel Eye Depuffer is an immediate result product it both cools and depuffs tired eyes.

3) Wahl beard trimmer, I love the nose trimmer attachment which is also great for the ears.

4) My mini flat iron by Sedu Revolution. It's a quick way to tame curly or frizzy hair around the roots and neckline.

5) V76 Molding Paste is an amazing hair product with hold and great flexibility.


Have you discovered any new products lately that you find impressive?

The best new product that I just discovered is by a new company, Montez Renault. It is the No. 15 Jojoba Smoothing Scrub, they created an exfoliator that is both extremely effective and hydrating. I also like that they use a majority of organic ingredients.

Spill your best grooming advice.

My best grooming advice is Exfoliate. Men tend to skip the important steps for better skin. Exfoliating decreases your chance of getting ingrown hairs and keeps your skin youthful.

What’s the one tip or trick that you think all men should know?

My tip to all men is, invest in Tea Tree Oil. I make a tonic that I spray on every client before I start because it preps their skin by balancing the bacteria on your face. If you have oily skin it neutralizes the oil on your face. However if you have dry skin it soothes and moisturizes.

Coffee Scrubs, Because Cellulite

coffee-scrub Whether you're into buying or DIYing, coffee scrubs are always a good idea.  Not only do they help exfoliate dry skin, but they also temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite. That's right, cellulite.  So if you're toughing out the cold this winter, or are heading out of town and will be putting on a bikini, you need this in your life.  Here are one of my favorite coffee scrubs (worth the money) and of course, a DIY option.

BUY: Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub, $37

This is one of the most invigorating, delicious and pampering scrubs I've ever come across.  Made with French Roasted Indonesian Coffee, it smells like the strongest cup you've ever had and helps to smooth cellulite by stimulating circulation to the skin.

DIY: Coffee Scrub

Besides coffee, one of the key components to this scrub (or any DIY scrub) is coconut oil.  It's moisturizing properties can't be beat.  With three ingredients, this one's easy to mix up.  Just make sure you melt the coconut oil before beginning your mixture.

1/2 cup ground coffee 1/2 cup coconut palm sugar 1/4 cup coconut oil

So what's the plan?  Are you buying or DIYing?

Holiday Gifts Beauty Editors Would Die For

gift-guide-beauty-editorsWhat do you get a girl that has everything?  Well, my beauty writer friends who spilled the holiday gifts they'd be gifting this season also shared the holiday gifts they'd die for.  Without further ado, here's our wish list.  Hopefully this helps you, too!

A beauty item I'd die to receive?  A week long trip to a wellness retreat that's all about eating clean, doing yoga and meditation.  I'm dying to go! - Yours Truly

My dream gift is a four-handed massage at a fancy spa, where post-treatment champagne and truffles are the standard. The idea is so decadent, and I'm too practical to save up for it, but doesn't that sound amazing? - Annie Tomlin,

I'd die to receive the Charlotte Tilbury Uptown Girl set.  Everything you need for a chic, sultry makeup look all in a single package. It just speaks to my soul. - Amber Katz,

A spa weekend in northern California wine country. The combination of massages, spa treatments and red wine is pretty much my idea of heaven. - Jamie Stone, HonestlyJamie

All I ever want out of my beauty lifestyle quiet time to sleep, so in a perfect world my husband would magically surprise me with 6 or 8 new Hastens pillows, a cup of that herbal tea, and some serious sleep time. - Bryce Gruber, LuxurySpot

The beauty gift i'd DIE to receive is lipo (I won't even lie, it's that and always will be). – Aly Walansky, ALittleAlyTude

My husband and I are buying an apartment, and we're doing a little work to it. I'm majorly lobbying for a vanity. Nothing fancy, just a place to sit while I get ready. - Polly Blitzer, BeautyBlitz

I would love nothing more in AMERICA than to receive an all expense paid spa getaway for some serious, much needed R&R. The Canyon Ranch Lenox in The Berkshires reads like a dream come true! - Andrea Arterbery, TheArtofBerry

It's really important for your sanity to take time off from crazy schedules and exploding email inboxes, and I've been dying to try Aire Ancient Baths in TriBeCa, where you can soak in pools and steam baths until there's not a care in the world. A relaxing massage plus a few hours to zen away in the baths would be heavenly. – Courtney Dunlop,

Dry Bar Big Hair Don't Care Holiday KitI mean come on with this. It has everything I'd need to style my hair from day to day. Not only am I in desperate need for some new hair brushes, Dry Bar products are hard to come by anyway and they're amazing. The use I would get out of all of these luxurious products makes it worth the steep price point. – Emily Rekstis, BeautySweetSpot contributor

I'm OBSESSED with the Endless Silky Eye Pens from Pixi -- the gift set is only $18.  The liners go on like butter, are highly pigmented and STAY PUT. These are my favorite affordable eye pencils, and I tell everyone about them. I would never refuse a gift set of 5. – Sheyma Azam, BeautyandtheFeastBlog

Drybary Barfly Blowout membership – I am so lazy about my hair and it looks pretty much the same every day. With someone else in charge of the heat tools, I'd mix it up a little. Plus, nothing puts me in a good mood like a blowout. – Liesa Goins, freelance beauty editor

You know the “One day if I was really rich…” fantasy scenraios where you could have a personal chef or a water slide in your backyard? I’d take an on-call masseuse. The knots in my back never go away thanks to endless hours craned over my laptop, and I don’t think I’d tire of a massage every few days. – Joanna Douglas, Yahoo! Beauty

5 Styling Products No Short-Hair Girl Should be Without

Short-Hair-Styling-ProductsWhen you decide to cut your hair short, you're deciding not to allow yourself the option of up-dos anymore, which means in order to create different looks, you need to get creative.  As a former long hair to short hair girl myself, I can tell you styling different ‘dos is tricky, but that’s where these products come in. Here are our favorite styling products for short hair.

Jonathan Product Dirt, $26

Calling on all pixie cut ladies out there, this texturizing paste separates hair with great control and hold. Not only does it allow you to control the texture of your hair, but it also provides a luxurious shiny finish.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil, $69

Serums like this are important in any hair routine due to their nutrients and moisturizing benefits. But those of us with short hair can't risk the stringy effect some of these products provide. It can weigh down the style and hide those layers, angles and fringe that make short hairstyles so desirable. That’s why we love Shu Uemura’s serum so much. Its formula absorbs into hair so quickly that it does not allow for the oil to create lanky undesirable hair.

Toni & Guy Texturising Glue, $14.99

Providing similar results as Dirt, this texturising glue works best for those longer-short- haired-girls for separating layers and fringe. While it provides hold, it looks soft within the hair. Just rub it in your palms and message up through the ends of hair to make those gorgeous layers in your bob pop.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist, $26

This product is great for girls with hair from chin-length bob to a lob and anywhere in between. It sprays lighter than other more powerful texturizing sprays dispense, allowing you to build to the desired amount of product. Not only does it separate hair to give you gorgeous tousled look, but it also adds volume. And major plus, it works on damp hair or dry, so you don’t have to worry about showering before using it.

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray, $23.80

No one likes when the hairspray hardens in your hair. But us girls with shorter hair simply just don’t have enough hair to counter the hardening effects (actually, does anybody?). Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray makes it easy to brush through hair without frizzing and damaging hair. In fact, the infused argan oil makes it healthy for hair, especially during the dry winter months.

with gratitude...

gratitudeHappy Thanksgiving BeautySweetSpot readers!  I love Thanksgiving Day simply because it's another excuse to get together with my family, but to be honest, I think highlighting the celebration of gratitude one day out of the year is BS.  I want to let you know that I'm grateful for all of you, as without you, I wouldn't be blessed with this career.  I encourage you to remember the feeling you have on Thanksgiving and carry it with you daily – practice gratitude, it's a lifestyle.  We all get so caught up in the grind that we often tend to forget about all that we have.  Live for today, in the present and be grateful for each moment, each encounter and each opportunity.  Have a great day!

Celebrating 5 Years Freelance: Tips from My Mentors


I'm writing this post with gratitude as I look out the window onto the Emmys red carpet from a suite at the Ritz Carlton in LA and reflect on the past five years.  It's been five years to the week that I decided to quit my job and go full time freelance.  Not knowing exactly where that would take me, I created a vision board filled with dreams and ambitious goals.  That year, I did my first national TV segment live from the Emmys red carpet for E!. Today, I came full circle and am back on the Emmys red carpet with E!, but this time as a spokesperson for Dove coined E!'s beauty insider. What happened in between I credit to drive, networking, mentors, strategic partnerships, tunnel vision and gratitude.  


People ask, Did you always love beauty?  The answer... of course, but I never imagined writing beauty.  My goal was to write for a magazine, much like Kate Hudson in "How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days." When a beauty editorial internship opened up at Cosmopolitan, I went for it and the rest was history.  After working at Cosmo as their beauty assistant, I learned the ins and outs of beauty editorial, and beauty PR was calling my name, which is where I began writing  It was only a hobby.  For deets on the rest, check out this article on Forbes.


On a shoot last week

Since being on my own for five years, my goals have shifted from writing to TV hosting and spokesperson work, but of course, I still have a passion for writing.  I had no idea my freelance career could and would take me this way, but as a journalist, it's an incredible feeling to be able to story tell and report on camera, too.

I've found that one of the most important elements to building a successful career is to have mentors.  Here are some of my most important mentors in the past five years and some of their advice.

I've been lucky enough to have mentors all of my life.  Career wise though, I met my first mentor at Cosmopolitan.  Today, she's the Beauty and Style Director of People, but then, Andrea Lavinthal, was my everything.  She not only believed in me enough to give me a chance, but also took the time to show me the ropes. I still look up to her.  Tip: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

I met another mentor, Karen Robinovitz, when I first stared my blog while working in PR.  Currently the CEO of my management company, she pushed me off the edge, encouraging me to quit my job and now, hand in hand with my manager (another mentor), Reesa Lake, guide me to make sure my brand is continuously growing.  Tip: If you're not completely impressed by it, don't post it.

My father has always been a mentor in my life, but I owe him all of the credit for making me a business woman.  Tip: When it comes to business, at the end of the day, most people don't care about you – so make sure you do.  This, we tend to learn the hard way.

Gabby Bernstein is the most recent person to come into my life who I consider a mentor.  A world renowned life coach, I met her over breakfast and the rest was history.  Tip: In order to live life in a state of joy, you must forgive and be grateful. I couldn't agree more and living this way has as she would say, 'made miracles happen.'

You'll learn that mentors come in and out of your life for different reasons.  They teach you, encourage you, enable you, believe in you and have your back. Without my mentors, I'm not sure what these past five years would have looked like.  Don't be afraid to reach out to someone you look up to for advice.  They could end up being your next mentor.  And pay it forward.

So, five years from now?  Well, it's time to make another vision board.

The Best Fitness Apps


fitness-appsYou can consider all of us here at BeautySweetSpot fitness fanatics. From running, to yoga and barre, we've got it all covered, which is why we rounded up the best fitness apps that’ll inspire you to get up and get moving – all while having fun, of course.


This easy-to-use fitness app is great for experienced runners and newbies alike. It features a GPS map that’ll track your every move and a very nice lady-robot (probably related to Siri) who will tell you helpful things like your pace and how long you’ve been running. Once you complete your workout session, Runkeeper gives you the option of bragging about your time and distance on social media, which is awesome for motivational purposes. Never forget that it doesn’t matter how far you go or how fast, you’re still lapping everyone who’s on the couch.

Yoga Studio

Yoga memberships are expensive. A single class can cost upwards of twenty bucks.  Enter the Yoga Studio app. For less than five bucks you get a plethora of awesome routines that are designed to strengthen your muscles through guided workouts and audio cues. More experienced and actually able to touch your toes already? There are plenty of more advanced workouts available, making this the ideal app for yogis of all levels.


Sometimes the hardest part of working out is just showing up. Pact makes that decision significantly easier by offering rewards and penalties for people who break their workout dates, meaning that every time you skip a workout…you lose real money deducted from your credit card. On the other hand if you meet your goals at the end of the week, then you can actually earn money too! Clever, right? The best part is that Pact can be synced with other fitness apps like your FitBit or even Runkeeper to help hold you accountable without having to do too much extra work like logging in your exercise manually.

Zombies, Run!

If Runkeeper is too boring for you to consider running as a real form of exercise, why don't you give Zombies, Run! a try? Suddenly, running to the corner ahead of you means the difference between you surviving the Zombie apocalypse and you getting totally eaten by a crowd of the walking dead. The app has super creative story lines built in that make you think you're running for your life and running certain distances will unlock gear that'll help you survive another day. Definitely better then your average workout class, right?

Charity Miles

While you're out running from Zombies or challenging your friends to work out twice a week in order to earn five dollars, consider also logging your challenges with Charity Miles. For every mile of exercise that you do, a corporate sponsor will donate to a charity on your behalf. That way, not only are you helping yourself live a healthier lifestyle, but you will be helping the lives of others at the same time.


How to Create A Blake Lively-esque Bubble Ponytail

bubble-ponytail.jpgNever mind diamonds. Ponytails are really a girl’s best friend. Long, short, messy, clean, high, low – the list goes on – but how about creating a bubble effect in your pony? The "it" bubble ponytail was be seen on Blake Lively at the Met Gala as well as on the runway during this year’s Valentino show.  With a little help from Redken Celebrity Hairstylist, Jenny Balding, we got the scoop on how to get the look.  From runway to red carpet and now, to real way... because who doesn't want to look like Blake Lively?

  1. Smooth hair into a ponytail and secure tightly with a hairband
  2. Brush the ponytail to make sure there is a sleek smooth surface
  3. Start at the base, brush backwards underneath the pony, and tease it out to create a puffy texture
  4. Use a small hairband and starting at the bottom of the tail, tie all the way up to create desired amount of “bubbles”

Depending on what you're wearing or how you do your makeup, this bubble ponytails can be edgy or sophisticated.  If you're blonde like me, try using black hair ties for an edgy look and clear for a more polished style.  A brunette like Jeannine, or any other hair color, using clear elastics or ones that match your hair color are best.

Score Megan Fox's Makeup

Megan Fox Makeup#TBT to last Thursday where Megan Fox's makeup took center stage at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards.  Her makeup artist, Monika Blunder, gave me the 411 on the exact products she used to enhance those perfect arches, sex up her eyes and give her the peachy bronzed glow we all crave.

"This is a great summer look and I was really adamant about using just the right shade of coral on the lips," commented Blunder.  The coral on the lips complimented the hint of peach on the cheeks, which is what made this look scream summertime.

While most makeup artists paint lip products on carefully with a brush or layer textures, Blunder applied Fox's lipstick – Chanel Rouge Allure in Rimpante #90 – straight from the bullet, proving it's not that hard to recreate.

Her summer glow was created by strategically dusting on three products by makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer in Film Star Bronze and Glow to define her cheekbones
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Blusher in Ecstasy on the apples of her cheeks
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter in Film Star Bronze and Glow on the upper cheekbone, bridge of the nose and under the eyebrow


Then, to create a "soft, natural eye look," Blunder used Anastasia Brow Wiz to add more color to the outside of her arches.  Then, Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Impulsion all over the eyelid and Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst on the upper and lower lash line, followed by Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Kalahari in the crease to add some definition.  A few coats of Lancome Definicils in black completed Fox's sultry, yet soft stare.

Another Reason to Love Philosophy

philosophy-hope-and-graceOver coffee and a fruit parfait I inspected the little polished stones that bared the words “hope” and “grace," which decorated the table at the Philosophy event last week. Actress Glenn Close stood in front of me chatting with media inspiration, Arianna Huffington, both dressed crisply in white awaiting their presentation – a presentation that made an impact on all of the media in attendance.

Typically at these events, we learn about new product launches from a brand and rush back home to put them to the test, but at this one, I learned something different and disturbing.  One in four adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in any given year.

philosophy-hope-and-gracePhilosophy teamed up with mental health organization Bring Change 2 Mind to put an end to the stigma that surrounds mental illness through their hope & grace initiative. Philosophy will donate 1% of all products sales from their website to community-based mental health organizations through their hope & grace fund. And starting in 2015, this will be integrated into all retail, online and television product sales. The hope & grace fund will award grants to multiple independent nonprofit community-based mental health organizations.  Like we even needed more of a reason to buy Philosophy products.

During breakfast, Close, Co-Founder of Bring Change 2 Mind, delivered an inspirational speech on how mental illness has affected her life as her sister, Jessie, suffers from bipolar disorder. It’s time to put an end to the stigma that surrounds disorders such as bipolar, depression, post-traumatic stress, and so many more.

It’s no secret that we here at BeautySweetSpot love Philosophy. And during this breakfast, we fell even more in love.  Check out more information on the Philosophy Hope & Grace initiative here.

Maybelline The Nudes: Your New Shadow Staple

Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette.jpgRecently, a shadow palette landed on my desk and quickly ended up as a staple in my makeup bag.  And you know 'staple' is a strong word.  Have you seen Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette yet?  It might just be one of the most impressive drugstore makeup launches of the year.

Maybelline The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette 2.jpgBoasting 12 shades of nude eye shadow in a variety of textures – satin, matte and frost – Maybelline The Nudes is comparable to Urban Decay's Naked Palette ($54) and even the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, ($49) both of which I use frequently. (Why choose one when you can have them all?  Perks of being a beauty blogger.) This is the largest shadow palette available at a drugstore and the best part? It's under $10.  The texture of the shadows are smooth, with the satin and frosted shades being the most pigmented.  It's an absolute must-have.  I've been bringing it with me on my travels this summer, because it's super light and has everything I need to go from daytime to nighttime.

In case you're wondering, other neutral shadows I'm loving right now include the Lancome Color Design 5 Pan Eye Shadow in Showered in Lace and L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Eye Shadow in Perpetual Nude, Rose Nude and Treasured Bronze.

Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System: Video


When I first received the Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System, I was curious to see what about this cleansing system was different than others I’ve tried. After putting it to the test and doing some investigation, I'm impressed!  Check out my video review on the new system and see for yourself. It's like nothing else on the market.

So like I mentioned, the Philips PureRadiance Facial Cleansing System uses Sonic Technology with Advanced Dual Motion to cleanse while wiping away dirt, makeup and oil at the same time.  The rotation of the brush cleans out your pores, while improving micro-circulation giving you radiant, glowing skin. The exfoliating benefits also allow your skincare products to better absorb and in the end, work more effectively.

The brushes are so gentle you can use them twice a day and it claims to cleanse your face 10x better than using just your hands alone.  From the demo I did in the video, I think we can all vouch for something like that.

Another feature I didn’t mention in the video is that I keep my brush in the charger it came with on my bathroom sink. The charger allows the brush to dry standing upright in between uses while charging it, so I never have to worry about it dying.

You can find it for $149 at Bed Bath & Beyond and

*This is a sponsored post by Philips, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

How to Fill in Your Brows Like A Pro

FillInYourBrows.jpgYou might have noticed on my Instagram that last week I was in LA working on a top secret project (I can't wait to tell you about it), and as you can imagine, I spent quite a bit of time in the makeup chair.  One of my makeup artists, Gabbi Pascua, did something groundbreaking when she was filling in my brows.  Do you normally fill in your brows? Well, here's a little trick.  Trust me, after you try it, you'll be in awe.

Typically I fill my brows in with either shadow or liner.  Pascua used two different formulas on my sparse brows to, "make them look natural, refined and shaped," a liquid and a pencil.  Here's the how to:

Use a liquid formula (which is a consistency I've never used on my brows before), like Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color to fill in the front only where it needs to be filled by "feathering" with short brush strokes.

Then, take a pencil like NARS Brow Perfector in a darker shade and fill in from your mid brow to the ends for a "fuller, defined brow that's not too harsh."

Next time you fill in your brows, remember, don't force a shape, just fill in what's missing and  blend the two formulas with your brow brush for the most natural looking brows.

Kendall Jenner: Get Her Ponytail

Kendall Jenner PonytailUnless my hair is professionally blown out, chances are that by the end of the day, it's in a ponytail.  Ladies, if you're anything like me, we need to step our pony game up.  Check out Kendall Jenner's sleek ponytail (pictured above).  She was heading to the Vogue Foundation Gala in Paris last week and made a statement with her sharp center part and the sophisticated slickness to the style.  Here are tips from her stylist, Christian Wood, (check out his Tweet) on how to rock the look – no more gym styles necessary.  It's that simple.

"As soon as I saw the dress I thought a super slick and shiny ponytail would give a tough modern edge to the gorgeous Balmain dress,"  Wood commented.  He was right.

Here are the exact steps Wood took to complete Kendall's style.  Yes, they're easy enough to do at home.  Promise.

  • When hair is damp, use a pin tail comb to part it down the center.  The end of the comb will help make sure you have a dramatic, precise part.  Then, blow dry straight.
  • Rub a small dollop of Moroccan Oil onto the top and sides of your hair and use a brush like a Mason Pearson to slick the hair into a low, tight ponytail.  Secure with a bungee elastic.
  • Wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic and secure with a pin to cover.
  • Spritz a glossing mist or shine spray on the part, almost the same way one would use makeup highlighter to really pick up the shine under lights.
  • Finish by using a straightening iron (Wood used the T3 Straightening Iron) over the ends of the pony for a poker straight glossy finish.


With a little bit of effort, a ponytail like Kendall's can look super chic.  And I told you it's really simple.  Using a flat iron at the end is surely the icing on the cake.  I'll definitely be trying it for a night out.



Get the Armani Prive Makeup Look with One Product

armani-prive-2.jpgParis is the place to be right now, but I'm happily writing from LA. Fall 2014 couture shows are taking place in the romantic city and the makeup color palette alone from Armani Prive show is enough to impress. Makeup Artist Linda Cantello created "a monochromatic effect using only black and white" and predominately with one product.  Yes, even in that lip.  Here's the breakdown and info on the product to look out for.


Launching in September, Cantello, applied Eye & Brow Maestro in shade #1 (Jet Black) close to the lashes to draw a thick line and extended it on the outer corner of the eye.  Then, blended slightly for a smudged effect.


Using the same product, Eye & Brow Maestro, in a matching tone of the models natural hair color, Cantello applied it softly create the look of straight, thick, elongated brows.


This was the most surprising part.  Cantello mixed thin layer of Rouge Ecstasy shade #201 mixed with a hint of Eye & Brow Maestro in shade #1 (Jet Black), and dabbed it onto the models lips.

With many uses for one product backstage, you know it's going to be a good one! Look out for it in stores and on in September and here are images from the Armani Prive Fall 2014 Couture.  Of course you're interested!

Liquid Bronzer: The Only Makeup You Need

liquid-bronzer.jpgHave you ever thought about putting your bronzer on without using your oversized kabuki brush?  Believe it or not, it's no so out-of-the box to use your fingers (think cream based bronzers – blend!).  This summer however, a new crop of the must-have makeup has shown up to impress – liquid bronzer.  It's lighter than cream and seamlessly seeps into your skin like serum leaving you with the most healthy looking, natural glow – ever.  The trick is all in how you apply it.  Here are my tips, plus a recommendation.

liquid-bronzer-2Just like with regular bronzer, you want to apply it only where the sun would naturally hit your face.  My favorite, Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer, $35, comes in a small glass bottle with a dropper.  I place two small drops in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and then rub them  over my cheekbones from the inner corners of my eyes up to my temples.  To customize the color, you can add more drops or blend to your liking.  I then dip my pointer finger in the excess and go around my hairline on my forehead and dab a bit on my chin.

Liquid bronzer not only gives the most natural sun kissed look, but it's also foolproof to work with.  Many other brands like Revlon, Stila and Armani have versions at different price points, but remember, application is key!

Just Married!

jeannine-morris-lombardi-wedding.jpg.jpgCiao!  Or maybe I should say Bon Bini!  After two weeks, I'm back from my honeymoon in Italy and in Aruba with my new husband and family.  We're officially Mr. & Mrs. and still on a complete high from our wedding.  I can't wait to give you guys the 411 on everything beauty from the big day, but am waiting for the pics!

DermaCeutic Peel, The Real Reason I've Been Glowing

Nine weeks until our wedding and I'm glowing in love. Last Saturday was my surprise bridal shower, and the Wednesday before I visited my derm's office to get a DermaCeutic Peel. Sure enough, three days into my peel, my skin was flaking off of my face much like a shedding lizard.  "Look at you, you're glowing," my aunt said. Yes, my fresh skin was glowing indeed. Maybe it was love?  Maybe it was my peel? Just like my derm promised, I have glow for a bride-to-be.  My skin was never whipped into shape so quickly before and I've tried it all. About the peel: The brand is DermaCeutic.  There are different types of professional peels depending on the types of results you're seeking.  I did a DermaCeutic Spot Peel Treatment (to help reduce my hyperpigmentation) and then a Milk Peel Treatment (to further help even out my skin tone).

About the products: Afterwards, I began using the aftercare products recommended by my derm from DermaCeutic, which include a glycolic face wash, moisturizer, recovery cream and spot treatment.  I'll be on the strict regimen for about a month and then I'll almost be ready to walk down the aisle.

So is it love or is it my DermaCeutic peel?  I think it's a combination of both.  :)

After trying intense pulse laser (IPL) to get rid of certain brown spots, Fraxel (see post), regular glycolic peels when I get facials and now this, I can honestly say that after a week of peeling, my skin has never looked better.  Yes, I'm a little obsessive and harsh on my skin (too harsh) but we're all a little OCD about something, right?

My derm, Dr. Lefkowicz is located at 875 Fifth Ave. in NYC.

Sunless Tanning Tips from Yours Truly with AOL Stylist

You know me, a true self tanning addict.  That's why when AOL Stylist reached out about the opportunity to film a self tanning how-to with the gorgeous Teni of MissMaven, I jumped at the chance.  Plus, the product is a must-have. Watch the video to learn more.

Beauty Myths Debunked on CBS 'The Couch'

Rise and grind beautiful people!  This morning I began the new year with a segment on CBS The Couch quizzing the lovely Carolina Bermudez, Lisa Kerney and John Elliot on the most common beauty myths.  Think you know a bit about old wives tales?  Check it out.  I adore John for making me blush on air as he announced my engagement!