Witch Hazel

Share Your Beauty Secrets

Everyone has secrets, but perhaps beauty secrets are the most fun.  I have the opportunity to share mine with you as the online Spokesperson for Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel and want to invite you to share yours with me and the brand! Visit DickinsonUsa.com to see my monthly beauty secrets.  They're juicy!  And I highly encourage you to share some of yours as well.  I'll be featuring some of the good ones on BeautySweetSpot as well as tweeting about them!

Comment below and let me know if you shared so I can give you shout outs!

Tone Up in 14 Days

Yes, you read it right, 14 days, but not only will you begin to see cuts in your arms (bye bye flab!), but you'll also notice a clearer complexion.  Are you ready for the challenge? You'd be crazy to ignore it.

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel partnered with the Women's Sports Foundation and created the "Tone Up Challenge" just in time for spring, which promises to help you loose a dress size if you follow the rules.  It consists of 14 different exercises to do each day that don't even require a gym membership.  Of course, you need to watch what you eat as well if you are really looking to sculpt.

Each day after the assigned exercise it's time to tone your face with Witch Hazel, an all natural astringent that's great for all skin types.  Not only does it reduce the amount of oil on your face, but it actually controls it throughout the day as well without being drying.

Join me in the quest for a sculpted body and clearer complexion! Find more about the "Tone Up Challenge" here.