Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

BeautySweetSpot's Top Five Posts of 2010

It's been an incredible year thanks to you, my readers!  According to your clicks and the time you've spent on my site I can measure which posts you really read, which you didn't care for and which were a huge hit this year.  Allow me to introduce the top five posts of 2010 according to you: 1. 2010 International Emmy Awards Highlights - This had to be because of Rita Pereira's show-stopping cleavage.  I scored an exclusive interview with the Portugeuse actress backstage that cause quite an uproar.  The YouTube video of the interview now has over 1,152,650 hits!

2. Holiday Gift Idea & Giveaway: Calvin Klein Euphoria - You love giveaways, but this one really hit home for readers of all ages and got quite competitive with 26 entries!

3. Ban Cellulite Now - Every woman's enemy no matter how much they weigh: cellulite.  So it makes sense this one was a big hit.  Hey, it revealed the truth!

4. Vajazzling, I Had To - Ah, vajazzling.  Yes, one of the biggest crazes of 2010 and apparently you were intrigued!  Of course, I had to take it a step further and report on penazzling too!  Hey, it's only fair!

5. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Backstage Makeup Secrets Video - Covering this sexy event was one of the highlights of my year.  I had exclusive backstage coverage of the taping of the sexiest show on earth just for you!

So it's been a pretty good year for BeautySweetSpot with some fun interviews including Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian and oh yea, remember when Julia Roberts called me and my other blogger friends "cute" at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards? - awesome!  But I promise that there is much much more in store for you, my readers in 2011.

Thank you for your support this year!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Backstage Hair Secrets Video

Sam McKnight, lead hairstylist behind the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show described the look as "sexy, full, voluptuous, gorge, movable, touchable – dream girls with dream hair."  Yep, that pretty much sums up Bombshell waves! His secret: clip in extensions.  All of the girls besides two were wearing them (some glue in) to accentuate their hair and give them va-va-voom appeal. In the video below McKnight explains the look and converses with Alessandra as she impatiently begins to do her own!

Key products used were Very Sexy Hairspray (can be used on the bod too!) and Tousled Waves Enhancer.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Finale Video

I couldn't help myself. We weren't supposed to take photos or film, but the event was so grand, so incredible, I had to share it – especially with you. I started recording towards the end of Katy Perry's super remixed performance that began with Teenage Dream as models were walking out in VS Pink clothing and caught this: All I have to say is O.M.G!  Wait until it airs on Nov. 30th so you can get the full effect.

Exclusive Interview with VS Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio

Backstage I had the chance to ask Miss Alessandra Ambrosio a few questions while she was getting the finishing fluff done to her to-die-for waves.  She filled me on what it takes to be a Victoria's Secret bombshell, what sexy means to her and of course, her guiltiest pleasure. Take a look:

Exclusive Interview with VS Angel, Candice

I was lucky enough backstage to meet Candice while she was getting her makeup done to get the exclusive scoop on what she thinks her best asset is, how she got it and loves to flaunt it!  Check it out:

Exclusive Photos: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Here's a sneak peek at the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I'll be covering tips and tricks on how to get bombshell hair, backstage makeup secrets, the truth about self tanning to sculpt perfect bodies and more – including an exclusive interview with Alessandra Ambrosio!

And keep reading... there's plenty more pics after the jump!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Backstage Makeup Secrets Video

Tom Pecheux created a golden California girl look by enhancing the models natural features with sunkissed contoured cheeks, false lashes and a bit of pink on the lip.

Key products: an array of Victoria's Secret Lip Lacquer shades (they last!) and Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit.

Check out the video of the master applying the look on a VS model and giving me tips and tricks on applying false lashes:

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Backstage Body Sculpting Secrets

This was perhaps me at my A-game as an "investigative reporter."  What I do for my BeautySweetSpot readers, let me tell you. Picture this – me in a 5' x 8' area, enclosed by a curtain backstage surrounded by three buck naked Victoria's Secret models and two women hand painting them with self tanner. Yes, I was the reporter who had to see for myself exactly how the ladies were being self tanned and how they took the extra step to perfect their already perfect bodies.  So allow me to fill you in:

First of all, all three models back there were concavely skinny with A cup boobs.  I was not surrounded by bombshell bodies.  It's amazing what VS lingerie can do to a stick figure!  I have to say though, none of the girls I was back there with were the core VS models.  They were cast just for the show.  The core models were all shapely and very toned.

I had to get that out.  Their beachy glowing bodies started two days ago when the models met with spray tanner, Jimmy Coco at the Giraffe Hotel in NYC to begin the process. Then, at the show the girls whole bodies were rubbed down by one artist under makeup artist, Tom Pecheux's lead with a combination of moisturizer and Victoria's Secret Sunkissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion with Tint.

Once their whole bodies were covered, they went to a second woman who used the Victoria's Secret Flawless Airbrush Body Tan to sculpt their bodies, a paint brush with foundation to cover flaws and bruises and finished by using a light shimmer product coming out this holiday season.

The girls said they didn't feel sticky and that the formulas dried quickly.  None of them looked tanned, just sun-kissed.