Best Bet: Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

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Moisturizer is my number one desert island product.  Hands down.  Curious about what yours would be, I tweeted out the question and received responses like: mascara, lip balm and yes, moisturizer!  So some of us are on the same page.  Of course, when you walk into the drugstore, you're faced with the mega moisturizer shelf of promises and luckily for you, it's my job to test them all out so you don't have to waste a single penny. My latest post-shower obsession works to moisturize and heal even the roughest skin.  Seriously.

There's nothing more disappointing than a "moisturizer" that sits on top of your skin or maybe even worse, one that smells like old-lady perfume.  Seriously?  As you can imagine, I've been putting quite a few brands to the test this winter and found one I really love and am sticking with – Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum.


Yes, a body serum.  Instead of temporarily soothing and moisturizing my skin, it actually corrects the problem by healing any cracked areas (like my feet, ew, I know) and ensuring that the rest of my skin remains hydrated and protected.  A triple threat for sure.  With a combination of ingredients that help to heal the skin by penetrating to the deepest layers to replenish lipids and Vaseline Jelly to help to prevent any moisture loss, this one's a winner.

The new Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum is available in Deep Repair, Radiance Restore and Advanced Healing at drugstores for $8.49.

*This post is sponsored by Vaseline, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

A Moisturizer that Works When I Need It To, Plus A Giveaway

In December (see post) I was asked by Vaseline if I would try out their Vaseline Intensive Rescue body lotion and take part in some outdoor winter activities to really put it to the test.  A month later, it's time I paid tribute to the product that really did work when I needed it to.  Plus, I'm giving it away! I went ice skating at Bryant Park and shopped the holiday market, visited the tree at Rockefeller Center and did my day to day of running around being a NYer.  The hero: Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion.  I put it on from head to toe in the morning when I step out of the shower and never have to think about it again.  It absorbed quickly without leaving my skin feeling sticky or greasy and helped heal my somewhat dry chins and feet.  That's the best part.

Share your favorite winter activities in the comments section below, for a chance to win one of five of the prize packs listed below. 

  • 10 oz. sample of Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion
  • 7.5 oz. jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

*This post is sponsored by Vaseline, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

My Winter Skin Challenge: Beat Dry Skin, Here's How

If you could bring one beauty product to a desert island what would it be?  Mine would be moisturizer.  It's always been my #1 cannot live without.  All my life within minutes of stepping out of the shower, I lather it on from head to toe.  In the wintertime, my obsession gets worse.  My boyfriend finds me sleeping with socks covering my freshly lubed up feet nightly and I barely make it an hour with out reapplying hand cream.  This winter, I have a been put up to a dry skin challenge... Vaseline asked if I would test out their Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion, which promises helps relieve dry skin in  one day and heal it in three.  It also doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, like other heavy moisturizers.  Game on!  While I try my best not to ever have to face the dry skin dilemma, my legs (specifically my shins) and feet act up.

In the winter, besides simply using a heavier lotion continuously, exfoliation is also key to beating dry skin so I'll be exfoliating twice a week while using the lotion daily.  I'm going to celebrate the holidays by doing outdoorsy activities with my boyfriend, friends and family that are far from pampering.  Visiting the Rockefeller Christmas tree, shopping the Bryant Park Holiday Market and ice skating! Stay tuned for results!

*This is a sponsored post by Vaseline, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

Everyday Beauty Buys that Make Cluttering Your Medicine Cabinet Worth It

I'll admit it, my vanity is like a rotating door of the "latest and greatest" from drugstores, department stores and specialty stores and I'm rarely ever faithful to one product for too long, unless it really wows me.  Hey, it's my job!  The crazy thing is, in my bathroom Joe and I have four cabinets... three of them are taken up by me!  Even though I don't use all of the products at once, I have to have them all on call for different reasons.  I found some disturbing statistics about how often people clean out their medicine cabinets and have some advice, plus suggestions on new product finds! Being that I'm always shuffling products in and out of my medicine cabinet, I never have to worry about expiration dates because I'm really using them and trying something new.  However, I find that I'm a minority!  In a recent survey by Vaseline, they found that more than one in three women admit to cleaning out their medicine cabinet less than once every two years.  Hello, ladies: products expire!  They also found that 27% of women admit to having a product in their medicine cabinet that has been there for more than three years.  Gross.  I highly recommend staying on top of expiration dates and trying new things!  Here are some of my latest recommendations:

Alterna Bamboo 48 Hour Volume Spray, $24 at Sephora

I use this to add volume at my roots before blowing out my hair.  Unlike other volumizers I've used in the past, it doesn't leave my hair sticky and really boosts volume without weighing my hair down.

Vaseline Total Moisture, $6.99 at drugstores

This lotion actually absorbs into my skin and doesn't just sit on top of it, which is major! It actually does everything so I don’t need to use more than one lotion.  I apply it when I get out of the shower in the morning and my skin feels moisturized, not greasy all day and night.

Make Up Forever Sens'Eyes Makeup Remover, $24 at Sephora

Before washing my face at night I apply this makeup remover to a cotton pad and let it sit on my mascara for a minute before wiping it off.  It removes eye makeup quickly and easily so I don't have to rub it off and doesn't irritate my eyes.

Perricone MD Vitamin C Esther, $120 at Nordstrom

After washing my face before bed I apply this Vitamin C all over my face before I moisturize.  The package comes in four tubes, one for each week, and after a month you're suposed to see a brighter complexion.  I'm on week two.

Q-tips Precision Tips, $2.49 at drugstores

A must!  I don't leave home without them.  I use them to clean up makeup around my eyes and apply lip balm regularly.  I have a bunch of these little travel cases and always throw one in my suitcase, because I hate the ones that have in hotels!

Bliss That's Incredi-Peel, $49 at

Once a week I swipe one pad across my face after I wash and it acts like an overnight facial.  Made with glycolic acid, it works overnight with time release technology to help exfoliate and retexturize my skin.

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray, $4.49 at drugstores

A true, touchable hairspray that leaves my hair shiny.  There's nothing worse than crunchy hairspray!

Renee Rouleau Mint Buffing Beads, $41.50 at

I use these microscopic beads as a facial exfoliant about once a week to remove dead skin cells and help keep my pores unclogged.  They're so finely granulated that they feel like the softest sand particles on my face and leave it smoother than a baby's butt.

*This post is sponsored by Vaseline, but all of my actions and thoughts are true.

My Latest TV Segment "Winter Beauty Pick-Me-Ups"

Check out my latest segment on "Winter Beauty Pick-Me-Ups" done on Studio 6, KOIN TV in Portland, Oregon!

My Top Beauty Buys

Being in the world of beauty has been far from boring.  Every day I receive packages of new products to try, test and share with you.  I receive emails, tweets and facebook messages from friends and fans (even guys) asking questions about their skin concerns and what I'm using.  So I decided to dedicate a post to share some of the products I'm using right now.  Even though this may seem like a lot to you, this isn't even half! Fragrance: Pure DKNY

Makeup: Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens in Super Natural, MAC Zoom Lash Mascara,Nars Blush in Orgasm

Skincare: ROC Multi Correxion Skin Perfecting System, Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask

Hair: Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask, Pssst Dry Shampoo, Blow Hair Spray

Body: Degree Natureeffects Invisible Solid, Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion, St. Tropez Self Tanner, Schick Intuition Plus

Nails: Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening Formula

Exclusive Interview with Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece is not an ordinary professional volley ball player.  Named one of the top five most beautiful women in the world by Elle magazine in the late '80's, her phenomenal body has also graced the covers of Shape and Playboy.  I got the blonde bombshell to dish her beauty and fitness secrets. She credits her glow to Vaseline Aloe Fresh and fab bod not only to volley ball but also to weight training, ballet bar classes like Physique 57 and running in the sand, however she doesn't give up her guiltiest pleasure: chocolate.

Check out my exclusive video interview with Gabby below:

Vaseline's #1 Draft Pick: Michael Strahan

I'm excited to be able to write about one of my favorite football players of all time, Michael Strahan. Even though I'm a hard core Dallas Cowboys fan (by birth), I met him once at a party and he was very nice, down to earth and fun to be around.  And yes, I might have been able to fit my whole finger in between his two front teeth, but I still think he's cute.  Everyone has their flaws right? Vaseline Men recently signed the Superbowl star as their latest spokesperson and I had to share the video below with you.  I think he's just as charming in this video as he is in real life (try not to get distracted by his gleaming arm muscles that must be coated in Vaseline!).

Do you know someone who's a Strahan fan?  I'm giving away two autographed footballs! Father's Day is right around the corner and it might make some one a very happy dad.

Here's how to win:

Comment below and tell me why Michael Strahan's your #1 draft pick to win.  The two winners will be chosen at random on Friday, May 21st.  Check back on the comments at the end of the day to see if it's you!

Gearing Up for the Olympics

The 2010 Olympics right around the corner.  I can only imagine the excitement and anxiety the athletes are feeling as they only have eight days left.  I got the inside scoop on what some of the most talented US Olympic teams are doing to prepare.  

Olympic champion, Dorothy Hamill, who won the gold for figure skating at the 1976 Winter Games in Innsbruck, Austria said the figure skating team competing this year are paying attention to optimal nutrition, effortless beauty and easy fitness.

Moisturizing is key since the athletes are spending long hours on the ice. Her favorite, Vaseline Clinical Therapy. Eating breakfast and having nutritious snacks in between meals is key to maintaining energy and working with fitness buddies on and off the ice is a constant form of motivation for the team.

On another note, the US Olympics Ski and Snowboarding team munch on Shaklee Energy Chews to boost their endurance and energy. The green tea acts as natural caffeine and allows them to focus and fly all day.