My 2nd E! Commercial for Dove

And here it is, the second commercial I shot this summer in LA for Dove that's currently airing on E!.  This time red carpet stylist, Micaela Erlanger (who's responsible for everything Lupita Nyong'o wears), joined Alicia Quarles and I.  As you can see, it was a really fun shoot day and great pleasure to work with these talented women.  Make sure you tune into the E! red carpet on Emmys night to see what Dove and I have in store!

My 1st E! Commercial for Dove

Have you been watching E! lately?  Well, whether you've been Keeping Up with the Kardashians or not, I scored a copy of the commercial that's been airing all week starring Alicia Quarles and yours truly.  We have something huge planned for Emmys night with Dove, so make sure you tune into E!'s red carpet coverage.  PS: A new commercial airs this week so tune in!  For more...

Big News! My Dove & E! Emmy Partnership

jeannine-morris-doveHappy Monday!  I couldn't wait to share this news with you!  You might have seen me tweet, "It's all happening," or noticed I've been working in LA pretty much since my honeymoon.  Now, I can finally share what I've been working on.  Yes, it's a dream come true – I've partnered with Dove and have been working with the E! channel on a surprise project.

If you tune into E! starting today you'll start to see a very familiar face in commercials leading up to the Emmys... and that's not all.  I've been blessed with the opportunity to partner with Dove, who is sponsoring the Emmys and E! red carpet! Working with E!'s Alicia Quarles, two commercials will air pre-Emmys showing you what I'll be doing on Emmy day.  Then...


Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 12.11.42 PM

... on Emmy day, make sure to tune into E! Live from the Red Carpet, because Dove and I have a surprise in store.  I'll also be covering the carpet, attending the Emmys and Govenors Ball.  Make sure to follow my Twitter (I'll be tweeting along with the E! hosts) & Instagram for live updates.

The Emmys are on Monday, August 25th, so tune in and watch the red carpet live stream on E! online.  If I were your boss, I wouldn't care.

Here's a behind the scenes video from one of my shoots featuring the new Dove Body Wash:

And you know me, there's nothing in the world I'd rather do than work with a brand I've been using since I was a child (from beauty bars to body wash) and with an entertainment network providing insider access – straight from the red carpet!  It truly is the most perfect partnership and I couldn't be more grateful.

A Picture Perfect Smile with Crest in Glamour

Have you gotten your hands on the January issue of Glamour yet?  Check it out!  I'm honored to announce that I'm featured in a Crest advertisement for their 3D White collection!  Yes, the same collection that's also taking up most of the middle cabinet of my vanity.  Check out the rest of the pics from the ad below and details on how you can win a style consultation with yours truly and more.

Contest details: Instagram a pic of your pearly whites using #GlamSmile and tag @glamourscoop and @3DWhite to enter.  The winner will receive a style consultation with me, a wardrobe of white and products from the 3D White collection.

Rules: www.glamour-scoop.com/3d

Behind the Scenes on Set with A Celebrity Stylist

I was recently back on set, this time with one of my favorite celebrity hair stylists, Mark Townsend for Dove®.  He's been busy working with some of Hollywood’s leading ladies, so when I have a chance to sit in his chair, I take it!  This time, we partnered to show you how to get some extra sass in your hair style.  I can't wait to show you the video, but for now, here are some behind the scenes pics.

 PS: While on set,  I completely fell in love with the Dove® Style + Care Nourishing Amplifier Mousse.  As Mark says, "It's essential for a good blow out!"

*This is a sponsored post by Dove® and the Style Coalition, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.

You're Invited: Communications Career Conference

Looking to get into the industry or want to get ahead in this cut-throat world of media?  My one piece of advice: network.  You have the golden opportunity this Saturday, November 9th at NYU.  Each year, the New York Women in Communications Foundation holds a conference for students and young professionals with the most influential in the biz.  This year, be speaking on a Blogging 101 panel and Eva Chen, the Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue, is the keynote. Learn more and register here.

Sunless Tanning Tips from Yours Truly with AOL Stylist

You know me, a true self tanning addict.  That's why when AOL Stylist reached out about the opportunity to film a self tanning how-to with the gorgeous Teni of MissMaven, I jumped at the chance.  Plus, the product is a must-have. Watch the video to learn more.

The Best Beauty Gadgets as Seen on New York Live

Yesterday on NBC's New York Live, I had the pleasure of showcasing some of the best and newest beauty gadgets that are worth the price tag.  Check out my segment and let me know which ones you'd buy!  A full list of the products featured is below. GLO Solo Teeth Whitening, $45 at Sephora

Clarisonic, $199 at  clarisonic.com

Coolway, $129.99 at Ulta

Sarah Potempa The Jet-Setter, $99 at joyus.com

Riiviva Microderm,  $299 at  riiviva.com

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x,  $499 at  triabeauty.com

Love, Life and Growing Pains: from A True New Yorker in True Love

Have you ever read The Secret? I live by it.  It's based on the law of attraction.  If you truly believe in something and exude the right energy, you can make it happen.  Read it.  I promise it'll change your life.  Over the past eight years, I've had five apartments, five roommates and the time of my life living year by year in New York City.  My whole career developed before my eyes thanks to the laws of The Secret, dedication and the relationships I've formed with the wonderful people of the beauty industry.  Enter a new chapter...

My story, as I knew it, and as you knew it, too, was about the writer who lived in NYC.  I didn't just live in NYC, I believe that the energy and culture of NYC keeps me alive.  I know, very Carrie Bradshaw, but it's real.  Only unlike Carrie, mine includes a real love.  No Mr. Big bullshit.

As Ms. Bradshaw said herself, "I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love."  I found it.  The real, can't-live-without-each-other type.  With love comes marriage and with marriage comes compromise.  I'm learning that the art of compromise is to continue to put each other first without losing yourself along the way.

So I'm excited to announce that we're Jersey bound. Getting married next June, we're both setting up shop in Hoboken (for a little while at least).  Of course, I'll be in NYC for work daily for events, meetings and shoots, as I can't live without it.  I like to consider NYC my first real love, and even though we're just hopping right across the water it's an adjustment.  But I'm excited to celebrate what's next...

My last week living in NYC (for now) was appropriately spent with the DKNY team.  I couldn't think of a better way and can't wait to show you what we worked on.  Here's a sneak peek at behind the scenes of our latest project.  Yes, so New York... so me.

Hot Beauty Ingredients to Try This Year on NBC's New York Live

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

It was a fun morning on New York Live! I love going on this show because it's lifestyle oriented and the hosts, Sara and Jaque are so much fun to work with because they're genuinely interested in what's happening in beauty. Today I spoke about some of 2013's hottest beauty ingredients to look out for and why they work. The product examples I gave for each are some of my personal favorites.

Beauty Myths Debunked on CBS 'The Couch'

Rise and grind beautiful people!  This morning I began the new year with a segment on CBS The Couch quizzing the lovely Carolina Bermudez, Lisa Kerney and John Elliot on the most common beauty myths.  Think you know a bit about old wives tales?  Check it out.  I adore John for making me blush on air as he announced my engagement!

How to Prep for The Best Night Ever: New Years Eve Style in Miami

Right before the holidays I ventured down to South Beach, Miami with The Vivant team to shoot a video series on "How to Have the Best Night Ever in Miami" and enjoyed every minute of being in the sunshine in December.  The first video was released, just in time for New Years Eve!  Here's how I prepped for my night out at the gorgeous Spa at Mandarin Oriental Miami with Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy. Check out my pampering experience in the video and make sure to tweet to @clearhair@TheVivant, and yours truly (@BeautySweetSpot) and tell us how you prep for your #BestNightEver.

Announcing A New Partnership with DKNY Fragrances!

I'm completely honored and beyond excited to announce a new partnership with DKNY Fragrances!  It just made sense.  When I was approached by the brand a few months ago, could barely contain my excitement as the energy and passion DKNY gives off about NYC is identical to mine.  I've been a fan of the brand since before I even got into beauty editorial and wear Pure DKNY a Drop of Vanilla daily.  You guys, I'm dying.     The launch video announcing our partnership perfectly captures a day in my life.  Check it out!  

L'Oreal Paris Surveys Women on Hair Color Stereotypes, My Comments...

I always deepen my hair color so I dyed my hair with L'Oreal Paris' Healthy Look Creme Gloss and talked all about hair color stereotypes in a video I did in a blog post and on their Turn It Up Facebook app.  Well, (drum roll please...) the census results are in!  So of course, I created another video for you that highlights some of my key findings (one of them has to do with men).  I like that it found brunettes to be confident and outspoken.  Yep, sounds right to me! Let me know what you think of my thoughts.  Agree?  You can also check out the rest of the survey results on L'Oreal Paris' Turn It Up Facebook App.

An Exclusive Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes with DKNY Fragrances

Earlier this week I had the honor to spend the day behind the scenes of a DKNY fragrances photo shoot for an upcoming advertisement.  I can't tell you much about it yet, but it comes out next year and if you can wait the year... I'll spill a lot more then!  I'm really excited because I'm working on a project with the brand that you'll be hearing more about very soon!  I know, I know... this post is just one big tease!  Well, here are some really cool snap shots from the day that I can share with you now!  Enjoy!

I Banned My Tan & Explained Why in the New York Post & UK Daily Mail... Of Course... There Was Added Drama

Hey BeautySweetSpot readers!  I'm really excited, because I was given an incredible opportunity to share my "Confessions of a Tanorexic" story on an International level today: first in the New York Post and then in UK's Daily Mail.  However, the drama around the situation was a bit blown up for entertainment purposes, obviously.  Headlines catch any of you? As you know, I used to live in a tanning bed and have blogged about my confession back in May.  I often credit my now healthy skin and paleness to my editors at my first job, where we practiced safe sun at Cosmopolitan.  I literally say, they may have saved my life for if it weren't for landing that gig and entering the beauty world, who knows, I may still be tanning.

The NY Post wrote my name as Jeanette, not Jeannine and also quoted me as saying, "If I didn’t practice what I preached, I would be shown the door.”  Not true, I wouldn't even say, "I would be shown the door," even if that's how it went down.  I was never given an ultimatum or said that.  It was simply an oxymoron for beauty writers to tan as I mention in my former blog posts and my editors, who were my mentors at the time were truly concerned for my addiction.  If you read "Confessions of A Former Tanorexic," then you know the story.

Still practicing what I preach here on BeautySweetSpot, I'm honored to have had the chance to tell the story of my tanning confession, what it was like to go through tanning withdrawl and how I've learned to embrace my new look.  I believe that practicing safe sun is imperative, but like any addiction, tanning isn't easy to quit.

How to Have the Best Night Ever in NYC with StyleCaster

This was a really exciting project to work on!  I partnered with StyleCaster to host their "Best Night Ever" series sponsored by Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy.  We shot this and another episode in one day all around NYC.  I love hosting and working with the StyleCaster team was a great experience.  Check out the video and stay tuned for my next one!  Also, after watching my best night ever, tweet me @beautysweetspot sharing your best night ever using #bestnightever.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Brunettes Have More Fun and I Partnered with L'Oreal Paris to Prove It

Born a brunette, I'll always be a brunette (let's just say I learned my lesson in high school when I made the mistake of dabbling with extreme blonde highlights), but I love my haircolor and wouldn't change it for the world.  That's why I'm proud to partner with L'Oreal Paris for their "Turn It Up" campaign as their dark haired vixen!  I recently used their Healthy Look Crème Gloss to deepen my color a bit and bring it to life.  I'm also working with the brand to explore haircolor on my social media channels and their Facebook page in fun, unique ways. As you know, I don't normally do at-home hair color, but I do color my hair because my natural shade of brown is a bit on the mousy side.  Bland!  Since I normally do a single process, it was nice to save a few hundred dollars this month and DIY it!  The Healthy Look Crème Gloss only took ten minutes and lasts through 28 shampoos.  I used "Iced Chocolate" or 4AR, which was recommended to me after I took the Haircolor Census and used the "Find My Shade Tool" on the L'Oreal Paris FB page, which is a questionairre that helps you find the perfect shade.  It gave me a cooler, chestnut brown shade, but nothing drastic, which was just what I was seeking.  I felt comfortable using it because it had no ammonia and the after-color conditioner is worth coveting.  If you color your hair at home you know what I mean.

Rich, brown hair makes my facial features pop and my hazel eyes look greener.  You can get a shade recommendation from the app too and upload before and after photos like I did.  One more thing, make sure you don't miss the coupons.  I discuss the Haircolor Census in the video below.  Yea, I tell you how I really feel about haircolor stereo-types!

*This is a sponsored post, but my thoughts and actions are honest.