Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe

Help Him Pamper At-Home... You'll Reap the Benefits

Everyone knows that men like to be pampered – as a matter of fact, they make up about 1/3 of the spa goer population. According to the 2010 Day Spa Goer Report, even though men may still be the minority of day spa clients, when they do pay a visit, they spend more and are more loyal to a facility. Special salons or shall I say – barber shops – are popping up in major cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami that cater to their manly needs and go way beyond the hair cut. The Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe in Miami Beach, FL offers a la carte services that include luxury haircuts, beard trims, hot lather shaves, mini facials, nail grooming (for hands and feet) and shape ups.  However, for the more dedicated men, they have memberships where a monthly fee is paid for unlimited services.  Why don't spas offer that for women?  Can you imagine unlimited facials and pedis?

I spoke with Todd Goldenfarb, the Founder of Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe to find out how guys can give themselves a pampering, barber shop shave at home. Ladies,... print this one out for the men in your life!  If he follows the directions you'll thank me later – no more scratchiness during a make out sesh!

  1. Use a hot towel or steam to warm the face to soften the hairs around the beard and open the pores
  2. Use a glycolic cleanser to rid any dead skin cells and lift hairs
  3. Apply shaving cream with a shave brush to lift hairs – this will ensure a closer shave
  4. Shave with the grain – short strokes on the cheeks, beard, chin and lip and longer strokes for the neck
  5. Rinse the blade throughout the process for a more effective shave
  6. Post shave, splash face with cool water to close the pores
  7. Use an after shave to prevent irritation