SLT, The Best 50 Minutes of Exercise, Ever

SLT "This is hard as sh*t," my best friend Adrienne grunted to me as we attempted to pull our knees to our chest in the most twisted plank position while on a reformer. Moving it in and out with our hands up on handle bars, the resistance wasn't all that I loved to hate. Her seventh class, my first.  She did it.  But I on the other hand, realized that while I may appear toned, I'm beyond weak.  Having never been on a reformer machine before, leave it to my BFF to encourage me not only to try it, but to test it out during an SLT class.

SLT = strengthen, lengthen, tone (until you die) is a megaformer workout studio.  Being that I take barre classes about five times a week, the workout seemed right up my alley and I was excited to challenge myself again with something different. Our instructor, Kaitlin, showed me the ropes of the reformer and through cardio, a bit of weight training and body sculpting through Pilates, every single muscle of my body was worked.  I was sweating.  Actually sweating and you know I only like to 'glisten.'

SLT-2There were only six people in our class, but the studio can hold ten.  It's small, but spacious with mirror lined walls and windows looking over the city streets.  The class lasts 50 minutes and costs $40 if you pay individually.  However, they of course have packages that are more cost effective.  Despite the fact that I wasn't able to do everything, there were women in there who could, including my BFF. This is a fitness class that I now need in my lifestyle.

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SLT Midtown is located at 41 W. 57th St., NYC and SLT Soho is at 132 Crosby St., NYC