My FOX Segment

This morning I went on the FOX Strategy Room and had a blast talking about hot ingredients in skin care.  It was the first show I've ever been on that was in talk show format, so it really let me be me to say the least.  I had a great time with the host and an even better time applying moisturizer loaded with 24K gold particles and mother of pearl on the show's male producer!

Check out the segment below:

I'll Be Live on FOX

Hey BeautySweetSpot fans!  I'll be live on FOX's Strategy Room tomorrow morning at 11 discussing unique ingredients in beauty products and how they work. For those of you who aren't familiar, this show is live online so you can watch from your desks at work! I'm really excited because I'll be joining a panel of experts and we'll all be discussing different topics and commenting on each others subjects (think The View format).  It's an hour long and widely viewed. If you have a chance, please tune in!