Sweat Like You Mean It with High / Low Workouts

Over the summer I read a headline that stated, "Sweat Is Fat Crying" and it truly resonated with me.  Even though I sweat each time I work out, I hate it and automatically want to stop doing what I'm doing as I'd rather be glistening.  The addiction to the high I get each time I get lost in the vocals that penetrate through the house music coming out of my head phones and my muscles start to burn however, makes the sweat all worth it.  Toxins, pouring out of my body.  If you really want to sweat and tone up, I recommend trying a high/low cardio work out.  Here's why: It's the best of both worlds.  While you're getting in cardio exercise, you're also constantly toning our upper and lower body.  For the past four years I've been taking the Cardio Pump class at Crunch Fitness (formerly Club H) with Vanitha Iyer, which is all based on high / low exercise.  "High / low exercise is a great way to build stamina and the variation of movements keeps the workout interesting," Iyer comments.  "The dynamic movements at a high intensity continue to increase the metabolic rate."

In one 45 minute class, Iyer says you could burn up to about 800 calories.  Let me tell you, for that kind of work out, I sweat and don't mind twice a week!