Sponsored: Surviving Wedding Season Stress

One day you'll wake up and your life will go from normal (or whatever that means to you) to the new normal, which includes engagements, weddings and for some... even babies.  It's all happening.  This new-normal is an overdrive of emotions, obligations and commitments that are of course full of blissful moments, but also super stressful!  Here's how I've been keeping my cool (literally)... Being everywhere on time looking and smelling fresh (since stress sweat is the smelliest), check in hand, without going broke and praying that my Rent the Runway dresses will fit... can make a couple a little nuts.  I’ve relied on Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response and lots of laughter to get me through.  Stories of proof:

Story 1: Two weekends ago Joe and I went to attend my good friend's wedding in Cape Cod.  After eight hours of driving there from NYC (we hit some traffic), I was freaking out that we weren't going to make it to the ceremony on time.  We had 30 minutes in the hotel to get ready, so I didn't even shower!  (I know, gross.)  I threw on some Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant, dry shampoo in my hair and spritzed some perfume on my neck.  Slipped on my dress and was out the door!  Stressed, but stress sweat odor free - another success!

Story 2: In May, Joe was in a wedding in NJ, which meant I had to drive to the hotel near the reception alone.  1. I don't drive.  2. I don't drive.  This was hysterical.  After two pep talks: one from Joe after the ceremony about what time I should leave so I don't hit traffic heading up to the reception, and one from my parents asking a thousand times if I wanted them to drop me off, I told myself I could do it.  I was supposed to call Joe before I left, but I didn't want him to be nervous knowing I was on the road.  So, I left two hours early to head 45 minutes North and got there flawlessly... in my Louboutins no less.  No sweat.

Story 3: Before my own engagement party I rightfully decided to get a blowout with my best friend in NYC before heading home to NJ.  Well, thinking it would put my mind at ease, it was a horrific experience.  I came out with Shirley Temple like curls on my bob and had 30 minutes before we had to leave the city to get to our party on time.  There was no salvaging it.  I jumped into the shower like a ninja and twisted my hair around a clampless wand faster than ever.  My party.  No blowout.  Total Stress Sweat moment.

Through all of my stressful stories, I was glad to have Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Antiperspirant/Deodorant to protect me from a stress side-effect I didn’t even realize I could experience: stress sweat – and its worse-smelling odor! It’s the only one with proven 4X stress sweat protection, and of course still keeps you feeling fresh through other sweaty moments (heat and activity). I was a Secret Clinical Strength girl before putting Stress Response to the test through my Stress Sweat stories, but I've stepped it up this summer, ladies!  Summer wedding season is a time of need and with my lifestyle, I don't see myself going back anytime soon.

So, I think my best #StressSweat Story would be: #EngagementParty #BlowOut #CurlyDisaster #ShowerNinja #StressSweat

Can you relate?

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*This post is sponsored by Secret, but all of my thoughts and actions are true.