Sundance: Swag Suites, Celebs, Cocktails & Of Course, Movies

I just got home from my weekend at Sundance with L'Oreal and have to tell you about Sunday's festivities.  After gallivanting around Main St. (which is the quaintest little snow covered street) with Amber hitting up a swag suites and a few boutiques, we spent some time in the L'Oreal Paris & Entertainment Weekly Celebrity Suite.

Celebs like James Franco, Anne Heche, Terrence Howard and L'Oreal Spokesperson, Elizabeth Banks all stopped by throughout the weekend including some serious A-Listers that we weren't aware of (exclusive info to EW).  They were all getting glammed up and then having their pics taken for EW's next issue specializing on Sundance.

Amber and I of course hit up the L'Oreal glam squad ourselves because we were attending the "Women of Vision Awards," which honored women in film later that night.  At the awards cocktail party, we met Andrea Gomez, a really cool chick from Miami, who's participating in L'Oreal's Academy campaign.

After the cocktail party we took full advantage of the night by seeing perhaps the funniest movie at Sundance, Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms.  It felt great to laugh at the stupid humor after experiencing night terrors from seeing Ticket to Paradise the night before. I'm telling you, when this launches nationally, it's going to be a huge hit.

I'm so happy and honored I got to attend the film festival and hang out with L'Oreal!  Now, back to reality...