Your Summer Nail Polish Trend Guide for A Conversation Provoking Mani

The standout nail trend that took over last summer doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  I've become a master at (and slightly obsessed with) accentuating my nails with the proper shades, textures and even forms of art for every polish shade.  Here are some different tips, styles and colors to help you choose the perfect color combination all summer long.


Same Color, Different Shade: Altering your chosen color a few shades is one easy way to pick your accent shade. Let's say you decided to paint your nails baby blue, you could go for a lighter shade by choosing a turquois for your ring finger or if you want to take the darker route, cobalt blue makes for a good compliment.

Opposites Attract: Sometimes colors that are completely different work well together. For example light pink nails with orange, mint, or yellow on your ring finger are all great girly option for the summer months. When choosing completely opposite colors make sure they’re at least within the same shading meaning that if it’s a pale pink, it should be a pale orange. Or if it’s bright neon pink, a yellow should be just as bright.

Stick to the Basics: Classic colors like black, white or brown pair with literally anything. Nude nails especially make for a great color to pair with standout nails. Or if you want to go all white nails, add a pop with some subtle red nail art to it like this one.

Glitter: You can never go wrong by simply applying a layer of glitter over whichever color it is you chose. It adds a nice accent without distracting from the color you clearly favored.