Study: Women Change Hair 104 Times During Lifetime

Boredom and breakups are two of the most popular reasons women change their hairstyles. Thinking back, I've definitely had my fair share experimenting with cuts and colors.  From blonde, to chunky red highlights and as of late a brunette I forever change my hair color due to boredom – and I think I finally found that my natural color (deepened a little of course) suits me best! According to a survey by hairdresser Andrew Collinge, a woman will change her hairstyle 104 different times throughout her life, with most of the changes happening between the ages of 13 and 65.

"Women have always used their hair as a way of altering their appearance as it often has the greatest impact visually," Collinge said.  "Hopefully, with the help and advice of their hairdresser they are making these smaller changes to a style which already suits them --hence reaching almost 100 styles."

Changing your hairstyle is probably the safest and easiest adjustment to make to your physical appearance.  Check out Victoria Beckham's hairstyle timeline above.  When trying to re-invent yourself for any reason... what are your other options?  Piercings? Tattoos? A wardrobe upgrade?  If you have a hairdresser you can trust, chances are they know what suits your face shape and complexion best and can always make tweaks to refresh your look – leading up to over 100 styles in a lifetime!

Why do you normally change your hair style or color?