Study Proves Pilates Pays Off, I'm In!

After a failed attempt at trying to prevent myself from over-indulging in the Thanksgiving feast my family had yesterday, I of course feel the need to hit the gym. However, I'm going to start trying to incorporate pilates classes into my weekly workouts.  Of course I want to burn off the stuffing (my brother, sister and I prefer Stovetop over homemade), but a strong, yet lean-toned body is my overall goal and the results of a recent study prove pilates is the way to go. In a recent study done by Dr. Julie Kloubec with Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA of 50 physically active people, half took pilates twice a week for an hour each time and the other half maintained their regular gym routine for a total of 12 weeks.

After the three month period, researchers found that the participants who took the pilates classes had a much greater increase in overall strength and flexibility than those who maintained their normal physical activity.  The pilates group was able to do 39 percent more sit ups and 47 percent more sit ups in a minute than the other group. Other physical activities were tested as well.  The pilates group even grew a centimeter in height!