Stories & Snapshots from Backstage the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show

Where else would I be able to chat with Wendy Williams about her sleek wig, Kelly Osbourne about her fuchsia lip gloss, Kris Jenner about Kylie and Kendall's modeling careers and Deborah Lippmann about Jillian Michaels?  Of course, only a good cause could bring all of these personalities together and this time it was to spread awareness about heart disease at the Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show.  Backstage I weaned in and out of all of them like a sly fox sneaking in a question or two as they were being primped for their runway debut.

There's nothing not to love about Wendy!  She had a glamorous wig on as she was getting ready, but waited until the last minute to place her show wig on.  She described her look saying, "The wig is sleek and the dress is sleeker."

Kelly Osbourne is perhaps the sweetest person and showed me the combination of lip glosses she wanted to wear to compliment her earrings, but her makeup artists wouldn't give me names or allow for pics of the unidentified clear containers.  And of course Kris Jenner was "so excited to be part of something special with her girls who developed in to models."  Yes, Kylie and Kendall were walking too and they're beyond naturally beautiful.

Deborah Lippmann gave the talent manicures backstage and I always love cornering her at this show to talk about what I'm going to see backstage for the rest of the week.  Instead, she had a more captivating story.  As she was painting Jillian Michaels's nails, they were "having girl talk" about heart disease and the scary truth that it's the number one killer amongst women.  Of course, Jillian began giving Deborah "hard hitting health tips" and told her that "people need to get moving, it doesn't matter what they do."  Beyond the glitz and the glam of the evening is the message.  It was nice to speak with Deborah, who I've admired for her skills and polish collection for so long about something tied to meaning.  Oh and of course, Jillian chose to wear Lady is A Tramp, "she's not going to wear a wimpy red," Deborah concluded.